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Random Check in time!

Baby's Name:
Baby Age:
Stats (height, weight, etc):
Clothing size:
Diaper size:
Latest milestone:
How many teeth:
Favorite toy:
Favorite food:
Least favorite food:
Sleep pattern:
Extra tidbits:

And a Picture!!:

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Name: Katie
Baby's Name: Desmond
Baby Age: 10 months
Stats (height, weight, etc): 14 lbs 14 oz last week (not sure of his height..between 27 and 28 inches though)
Clothing size: 6-9 months
Diaper size: OS cloth diapers...probably a 2 or 3 though in disposables.
Latest milestone: WALKING!
How many teeth: Six
Favorite toy: His puppy blanket
Favorite food: bananas...although he really likes his avocado and applesauce I've been making him
Least favorite food: blueberries ha ha.
Words?: Mama...sometimes...very very rarely will he say Dada. those are his only words lol
Sleep pattern: up every 2-4 hours at night to nurse...ever 15-30 if his teeth are really bothering him
Extra tidbits: Hmm...he enjoys playing with DD2 in her room a lot and he loves playing in clean diaper laundry and he LOVES his Daddy Smile

And a Picture!!: This is the most recent on my computer that has Desmond ha ha...I have more from my camera I need to upload.

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Here's one from about 2 weeks ago (I was testing how to make thigh high socks for babies lol) He's sick in this picture Sad

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Name: LJ
Baby's Name: Adam
Baby Age: 8m2w
Stats (height, weight, etc): last weight 19.5lb, not sure height
Clothing size: 9
Diaper size: 3
Latest milestone: pushing up onto all fours
How many teeth: 4 (and one more peeking)
Favorite toy: anything his hands can reach
Favorite food: Blueberries
Least favorite food: Banana (hahaha opposite to Desmond)
Words?: not sure if they're linked to correct meaning but can sound mama dada
Sleep pattern: 20-30min top in crib Sad
Extra tidbits:

And a Picture: need to add one to photobucket

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Lol that's hilarious that he's the opposite of Desmond! I saw the blueberries part and laughed!

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Name: Daria
Baby's Name: Lucas
Baby Age: 9 mos
Stats (height, weight, etc): 20 lbs 8 oz, 29 inches
Clothing size: 12-18 mos
Diaper size: 3 but quickly outgrowing
Latest milestone: Cruising
How many teeth: 4
Favorite toy: Fisher Price Laugh N Learn Farm
Favorite food: Apples and prunes
Least favorite food: Peas
Words?: Just mamamamamama.
Sleep pattern: Terrible. We are up about once an hour.
Extra tidbits: I'm exhausted.

And a Picture!!: I'll have to get some uploaded to Photobucket later.

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Name: Anna
Baby's Name: Kole
Baby Age:9months
Stats (height, weight, etc): 23lbs 12oz, 29.5inches
Clothing size:12-24months depending on the clothes
Diaper size: 4 in sposies,
Latest milestone: Standing. He will stand a few seconds when he lets go of something.
How many teeth: just got his second one yesterday! He now has his two top teeth!
Favorite toy: Anything with buttons, remotes and things like that.
Favorite food: Anything! This kid EATS! Total opposite of his sister!
Least favorite food: I haven't found anything that he absolutely will not eat.
Words?: ​Nope. Though I swear he's said mama and da discriminately.
Sleep pattern: He went from up every 2 hours to STTN on New Years!
Extra tidbits: He's super cute and I adore him! I can't believe how close we are to first birthdays!

And a Picture!!:

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Name: Heather
Baby's Name: Heidi
Baby Age: 10 months tomorrow!!
Stats (height, weight, etc): 70cm, 18lbs
Clothing size: 9 -12 months
Diaper size: size 3
Latest milestone: Cruising around, and starting to stand independently
How many teeth: 6 and I think the next two are starting to push through
Favorite toy: She loves putting cups inside each other or toys into cups and then taking them out of each other again
Favorite food: She loves to eat!! She eats what we eat and loves it all... lasagna, sausage, pork chops, broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc
Least favorite food: Anything on a spoon.. yogurt in particular
Words?: Mama and Dada, and she signs all done when she is done eating... I notice she understands more though because she looks at things I say.. for example, I was talking on the phone about having to wash windows, and she turned and looked at the window very intentionally
Sleep pattern: She goes to bed around 8 and sleeps until 7 with about 2 wakings (some nights 3 or 4, some nights only 1)
Extra tidbits: She is just so amazing!! She laughs with the big kids and is starting to really play with them... she will push on them and they pretend to fall backwards and she will do that again and again giggling like crazy the whole time!

And a Picture!!: Still can't figure this out....

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Name: Laura
Baby's Name: Bree
Baby Age: 9.5 months
Stats (height, weight, etc): 29 inches 23 lbs
Clothing size: 18 month
Diaper size: 4
Latest milestone: cruising, clapping hands
How many teeth: 0
Favorite toy: anything that makes noise
Favorite food: whatever I'm eating
Words?: mamamama to be picked up by me
Sleep pattern: bed sharing, but finally starting to sttn

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Name: Joy
Baby's Name: Archer
Baby Age: 10 Months Sunday
Stats (height, weight, etc): 19lbs
Clothing size: 6-9 months
Diaper size: CD, small-medium in fitted
Latest milestone: using a sippy cup
How many teeth: 2
Favorite toy: His brothers
Favorite food: Carbs
Least favorite food: Loves it all
Words?: mama, dada, nana (banana), and signs all done
Sleep pattern: Ha, what is that? Up a lot but has a mid-day nap pattern down.
Extra tidbits: Started self weaning some and is down to 4-5 nursing sessions a day.

And a Picture!!:

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Name: Roxie
Baby's Name: Maggie
Baby Age: 10.5 months
Stats (height, weight, etc): at 9 mo: 20lbs 28in
Clothing size: 12 months
Diaper size: 3
Latest milestone: cruising
How many teeth: 2
Favorite toy: anything her brother is playing with
Favorite food: applesauce
Least favorite food: banana
Words?: mama, dada, hi, bye, a-da (aaden).. baba this morning.
Sleep pattern: 8pm-7am, 2 naps, hour each, sometimes longer.
Extra tidbits:

And a Picture!!:  photo DSC_0100_zps8d9dc73c.jpg