Raw neck wrinkles

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Raw neck wrinkles

Ella has got great chubby neck wrinkles, problem is a few of them are getting quite red and raw. I try to clean and dry them regularly, but I guess that's not enough to help them really heal.

So what would you all suggest? I never had this problem with DS so not sure what to try. Ive done a little googling but just find conflicting info. Powder, NO powder, creams, oils... Just don't know what to try...


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use bum cream on them after carefully drying the skin

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What about baby lotion? Or like PP suggested, diaper rash ointment. I know when DH is out in the field he uses Dessedin (sp?) for chafing.

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I just noticed the same thing on Emma. I think I might try butt cream.

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My DD2 had that. Turns out it was thrush. A bit of nystatin cream helped. Or any kind of yeast cream, like monistat or vagisil.

Anyway, just wanted to offer another pov. I tried treating hers with bum cream and powder at first which made it worse, since the yeast fed on it. If you find it's not getting better you could try a yeast cream.

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Heidi had a yeast infection in her diaper area, and the most telling sign was that it was very raw, but with red dots. If you see any red dots I would definitely use a cream for yeast or fungal infections. Hope it clears up for you soon,


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Pretty much try everything that would go on a diaper rash... That's basically the same sensitivity. Try powder(I know you already did), butt paste, desitin, a&d, maybe vaseline? And ALWAYS keep it dry Smile Even if you have to always keep a little wash cloth or bib on her. And like the PPs said, if it is yeast, get a anti fungal cream like nystatin!