A RE-intro!

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A RE-intro!

hiya - just posting a bit of a RE-intro - after posting a few times back in August, I went back to work full time in September and had a helluva time getting my life back in some semblance of order! I've lurked every now and then, but just did not have the time/energy to check regularly and post anything...

so... anyhoo...

I'm Karen - I'm canadian, DH is Swiss and we live in Switzerland. We were a bit surprised to find out we were expecting #2 - we were in the 'not trying, not preventing' camp and since it took a year to get pg the first time, we figured it would take at least a few months the second time!!
We have one DS who is 18 months old, and #2 is due to arrive at the beginning of April.
I had a pretty rough time with the first tri - lots of nausea, normal first tri exhaustion along with the tiredness of going back to work after a year and a half off, plus I had terrible insomnia - also had quite a few bouts of spotting/light bleeding that had me totally freaking out... now that all of that is behind me, I'm starting to feel a bit more secure about things and looking forward to LOs arrival.
We have our BIG u/s next week, and will likely find out the gender - we didn't with DS and I loved the surprise when he arrived, but I'm really feeling I want to know this time - especially since I'm really hoping to be on team pink... we shall see...

so.. that's me - re-introducing myself - and sincerely hoping I'll be able to drop in more regularly and get in on all the action here!


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Welcome back! I know you're excited about your ultrasound. We'll find out together!

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Welcome back! Your DS is adorable!!!

What day do you have your u/s? I'm hoping to get on team blue when we find out Tuesday. That is if LO cooperates.

Glad your 1st trimester is over and that you seem to be feeling better!

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Yay for feeling better!
Welcome back! Glad to see you around again.

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Great to have you back! SmileSmile

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Karen!!! I've missed you!! I'm so glad that you are back with us again. And I also thing that we are due for a round of girls, since we seem to be going in waves of pink and blue with these ultrasounds.

I hope work is going well, and I'm glad you made it through the first tri yuckies!

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Yay, welcome back! When is your ultrasound appointment?

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Welcome back!!

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Welcome back!

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thanks for the Re-welcomes everyone!
big u/s apt. is coming up this friday... yippy!!