Restless Legs!!!

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Restless Legs!!!

I swear every time I try to relax and nap or sleep or something my legs start getting real jumpy! Even if I haven't had anything sweet that day. My legs just start getting jumpy and I get restless and try stretching them and everything but nothing works! The rest of my body will be so tired except my legs!

Anyone else getting restless legs? How do you fix them?

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Uggghhh restless leg syndrome is definitely in my top 3 most-loathed pregnancy side effects!! I don't have it every day, but some nights when I'm trying to watch tv on the couch or just lay in bed my legs will start going crazy with that annoying creepy/crawly sensation. It is maddening! I wish I had advice on how to make it go away, but I don't... it's awful!!

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Mine get bad when I don't get enough water or walking during the day. I up'd my water to 64 minimum (I drink around 128 oz of liquids between juice/water/tea/soda).

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* lurker*

I have suffered with this for a long time. Warm baths and investing in the circulation stockings do the trick for me! While they are not the most attractive things DD thinks Mommy is so cool when I wear my "special socks"