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Well... sort of cheater roll... Heidi was lying on her stomach looking up watching my older daughter dance, and as she watched she sort of toppled as she was trying to keep her eyes on the dancing! Doesn't really count since she had no idea what happened, and hasn't been anywhere close to doing it again... but at least makes me think it won't be too much longer!!

Any one else's little one getting close to rolling?? Or is rolling old news??


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Desmond had been rolling but then he stopped lol. Now he stays on his tummy longer because he realized he can see better that way. However he has been trying to roll from back to front lately. I still can't believe how much our babies are growing and how fast!

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We've had a few rolls, but nothing consistent yet. Eli really gets sick of being in his car seat, bouncer, & swing sometimes.. HATES not being able to at least try to roll. He's also become a pro at spinning around in his bed and getting his head pushed up against the side, which makes him even more ticked off, if I'm not getting there fast enough.

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Obviously by no means am I trying to brag, but my child is rolling over both ways and now trying to crawl! I am going to be in trouble very soon! Lol

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Tyler has been rolling back to front for a month and a half. If you put him on his back he immediately rolls to his front. He has rolled front to back but doesn't do it often because he wants to be on his tummy.

On his back he pushes himself with is feet so he scoots backward and if he's on his tummy he puts his face down, pushes with his legs and his arms to move foward. It's made putting him on the bed a thing of the past because he scoots so much now, I'm afraid he'll fall off the bed! I swear, this boy will be running before I can even tell him to slow down!

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She has just mastered back to front rolling. I can't leave her anywhere now. She winds up 10 feet somewhere else! lol

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Just wanted to say that Desmond finally rolled from back to front today lol. It was because DD2 was playing with his favorite toy and he wanted to get to it, so he flipped over and scooted a little to it lol. Of course she took it from him and I had to take it from her to give to him. Lol so he finally rolled! Just means I have to always make sure to strap him into his swing now!

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No rolling here. I've got a lazy baby...

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Peyton rolls but not in front of us, he is also moving all around his crib...

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Ella has been rolling back to front for a few weeks now. She'll then stay on her belly for a few minutes before screaming to be rescued!

And then as soon as I put her back on her back she rolls over again... silly baby! Eventually I get a bit fed up having to rescue her every few minutes and it's back in the bouncy! Wink

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Emma started rolling this week back to front. No front to back yet. She loves it on her stomach.

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Adam will roll from front to back but not sure if it's 100% on purpose, he tries to pushing his leg like crawling but can't lift his upper body so he ends up rolling over. Back to front he can't do but can get to his side. When he's in his bouncer chair he has to be buckled b/c he will turn around in that