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I know it's late in the day for a QOTD, but I thought I'd post one anyway.

Do you make your bed every day?

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Lol no. I very rarely make the bed...or only if I wash the sheets and comforter or change them. But when DH has been gone for some time I always make the bed so when he comes home he gets a nice clean made bed after sleeping on a thin mat out in sand lol.

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Only when putting on clean sheets... it is something I rebelled against when I was a kid and guess I am still rebelling!!


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Absolutely not. Only when I'm changing the sheets. Smile

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dh does.... sometimes... Blum 3

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I hate making the bed! DH always makes his side in the morning (while I'm still in bed) and occasionally I'll make my side when I get up. I told DH the other day that I like my sheets folded down for me when I get into bed...he didnt buy it. Lol

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Had to make the bed for 9 months straight when we were trying to sell the house. Didn't make it before and dont' make it now Wink But, I did like coming home to a nice made bed everyday Smile Maybe I'll get back into it?