RQOTD Sunday 6/10

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RQOTD Sunday 6/10

Do you snack/taste test while you cook?

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It's very rare when I do. Usually I just hope for the best and experiment on my kids lol. DH doesn't count because he will eat anything lol

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Definately, I always test it.

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Yep, I have to taste or else it could be detrimental.

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I check unless it is something I've made a hundred times... then I don't bother except to check if soup needs more salt or stuff like that...

Wish I had more time to do more adventurous cooking but in this house it just doesn't seem to happen... I keep thinking maybe when the kids get older, but I keep taking preschoolers, so it is still a challenge to get more complicated cooking done!!


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I don't test when I'm cooking, but I have been known to snack... especially if I'm cubing cheese for homemade mac and cheese, or cutting up a rotisserie chicken, etc.