RQOTD Thursday 6/14

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RQOTD Thursday 6/14

Be honest. Do you fold your fitted sheets? I mean seriously fold them all nice and neat?

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Lol NO! I don't even fold my sheets and blankets and stuff all neat. Just enough where they're pretty much folded and then put them in the closet. The fitted sheet is almost kind of rolled actually Smile

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YES!!! I have a completely crazy house with toys, crayons, "art projects", hotwheels, etc absolutely everywhere... my linen closet is MY spot and it is super tidy... Everything in a nice neat pile crisply folded... gives me a bit of sanity!


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I try but it is never really neat, the regular sheets look pretty good but the fitted sheets I just can't get really neat. Besides that our linen closet in not very organized so they do not stay very neat for long.

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Heck no. We roll them too lol

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I have an aunt who is anal about folding fitted sheets, so I know how to do it properly, but usually I'm washing the sheet and putting it right back on the bed, so I don't have much opportunity to use my skill.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one. I know how to do it properly and when I have the time and energy, I do it. I was doing laundry yesterday and I had 2 fussy kids and I just grabbed the fitted sheet and and rolled it up and was done with it.

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No way. That is not on my list of must do things. They get a sloppy folding and we are done.
That is to say we are folding the sheets. At this point in life its more like I take everything off the beds, get it washed, and put them back on all in the same day. DS2's crib is the only place that gets sheets rotated out and not laundered the same day.

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I fold them, but not perfectly. Just good enough so that everything stacks properly and fits in the cabinets. And, whenever possible, I wash, dry, and put them back on the beds, so no folding needed Smile

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I wash them and get them back on the bed on the same day usually- otherwise I fold them so they are a size similar to the folded flat sheet. My DH folds them perfectly, making sure all the corners are tucked together.. so I let him do that. Smile

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:lurk: a little tip, with sheets, to make it look all neat and tidy in your linen cupboard and your sheets sets together use one of the pillow cases to hold the sheets and the other pillow case, then you can roughly fold the fitted sheet, but if anyone looks it looks so organised an tidy

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Folded with corners tucked together? Yes. Could my grandmother do it better? Heck yes.