Saffron Scare

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Saffron Scare

So, DH knew I had a rather rough day at work yesterday and it took me almost 2 hours to drive home in the snow. He wanted to be thoughtful and have a cup of tea ready for me. I ate some dinner and sipped about half of my tea before I realized that it tasted different plain black tea which he usually makes for me. I asked him which tea he made and he said "I dunno, one of your loose teas". I asked him to grab the box for me. He made me Saffron tea (containing about 20 mg of saffron). I thought I had read something about the "iffyness" of some herbal teas, so I googled Saffron and Pregnancy. I was so stinking scared; what I read was that large doses (over 10 mg) can cause uterine contractions and even miscarriage. I immediately induced vomiting and got very upset.

Have any of you ate or drank something that caused you to panic like this?

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Wow, that is a little scary. I wouldn't worry too much however, since those tests are usually done on rats or other small animals. And if you only drank half the cup, I doubt you exceeded 10mg, so in all likelyhood you are okay. But I completely understand how upset you must have been and I could have been too. I am constantly having to tell people around me that I can't eat or drink certain things because is poses a risk to the baby. Sure maybe not always a huge risk, but any, even small, risk that I can avoid, I will.

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I didn't even know that! Although I don't drink tea very often except the regular kind we buy for sweet tea. Glad you're okay! But that IS scary!

My biggest thing lately has been cigarette smoke. Since we live in a small town I don't come across many smokers in public, but if I got on base sometimes I do. Plus sometimes DH comes home reeking of it (he doesn't smoke but most of the guys do) and I tell him to shower lol. In TX we would walk out of a restaurant and I could smell it and I'd hold my breath and hurry to the car lol.

However I haven't eaten or drank anything that I can think of that made me panic like that. At least not this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with DD2 though I had a horrible migraine and took migraine medicine one time. It worried me later because I was only about 8-12 weeks along (and didn't realize how dangerous it could be, but I couldn't open my eyes without sharp pains in my head), but she turned out fine.

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Wow! I've always eaten saffron, and lots of it during pregnancy, and I never had a problem. Guess I'll just add it to the list of no-no's just in case.

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That must have been a scare, but glad that you and baby are alright. I have been avoiding cigarette smoke and alcohol, but I am always amazed when other things are mentioned on here.. such as this, I had no idea that saffron was an issue. Can't say I'm overly cautious and haven't researched much, but I never would have guessed.


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Glad to hear it didn't cause you problems. I haven't had an experience quite like that, but I have fallen directly on my belly before. I guess you learn something new every day. I hadn't heard of that either. Of course, I had never heard of saffron being used as a supplement either. Isn't saffron one of those spices that's VERY expensive?

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Saffron is actually quite cheap because only a few slivers go very very far. It's what they put in rice to make "yellow rice" -- it's also used to flavor all kinds of foods. Definitely check labels! I have to make sure to tell my mom to not use it in any of the food now LOL! She is going to flip at having to remove one more thing from the cupboard for now but I totally agree, better safe than sorry!