Scared to eat

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Scared to eat

Is anyone else scared to eat for fear of terrible nausea and :puke2:? I am! I'm taking four different pills in the morning and I have to eat when taking them but so far all I can stomach to eat is some dry cereal.

I woke up at 2:00 this morning nauseous as all get out. My husband asked me if I regretted being pregnant now. Heck no! I just dont want to keep :puke2:. Sad Wah, sorry girls, I just wanted to vent to someone who understands.

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If dry cereal is what you can stomach then keep it around all day and nibble all day! I'm sorry your feeling so :puke2: just keep in mind that in 7 weeks or less it should be gone!

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Thanks, you're a lot more understanding than my husband! LOL, dont get me wrong, he's been really great and taking care of me, but he doesnt understand how I feel!

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I am totally feeling you on this one. I have to eat right away when I get up otherwise I will dry heave like crazy. As long as I have something in my stomach I'm ok, still queesy but not throwing up. It's awful but totally worth every minute of it!! I can't wait until our second tri....that is when it eased up for me with DS. Hang in there! Saltines and 7up have been my go to!

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I was extremely nauseaus with my first. At that point, just eat what you can that will stay down, whatever that is. For me for a while it was Ramen noodles. I never did get any positive results from crackers or gingeraid. Vitamin B6 is supposed to help if you aren't already taking that (25 mg).

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That sucks, I never had it that bad. Eating makes me feels better so I eat constantly. Sorry DH is not more understanding, Jamie is not bad but he does not really get into the whole pregnancy process. Hopefully things get better soon.

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Though it sounds like you have it worse than I do, I can still relate. I'm not puking or dry heaving, but I've been feeling super nauseous. It really doesn't go away til like 6pm. I plan on asking my doctor for Zofran at my appt next week. It works wonders to keep the nausea at bay!!

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Well it seems that lime and salt popcorn and grape capri sun is the best that I can keep down, so I might be having that for breakfast now. I'm wondering if I eat earlier if I will get the worst of the morning sickness over with earlier, or if I'm just destined for mid-morning sickness.

I'll have to try ramen noodles, I didnt think of that!

DH is great, just not a pregnant woman so he has no idea. Lol

Thanks ladies, ya'll have been a great help!

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Sorry you are feeling so lousy. I was so sick with #2 and would wake up in the middle of the night like you said and just be miserable. I kept a bag of salted almonds next to my bed so I could eat a few and help with the sick feeling. My morning sickness always hit in early evening and lasted through the night regardless. Too bad we can't time it better, right?

Luckily it will pass for you. Hang in there!