Scared (poss m/c)

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Scared (poss m/c)

I don't even know how to begin this post, but I'm scared about what I think is happening. I started bleeding Wednesday night, then it seemed to slow down, so I decided to just get some rest (I'd had a very stressful day). But yesterday morning it was still bright red, and didn't seem to be slowing down. I called my dr's office and they couldn't see me for an u/s at their office, so they sent me to the ER. Baby was measuring 6 weeks, both by u/s and my bloodwork. (about a week behind what we predicted by LMP)

They sent me home with orders to rest, which I've been doing. MIL took DS2 last night and will keep him today till DH gets home to help me. DS1 has preschool orientation that I'll take him to this morning, then he goes to his last day of mom's day out (he missed yesterday) after that, so I'll have the house to myself most of the day. The bleeding has picked up a little today it seems, and I'm having cramps in my stomach and back (like period cramps). I'm trying to be positive, but I kind of feel like I know what must be happening. I'm so scared and sad...I know in my head that what happens is for the best, for baby and me, but I'm still so heartsick.

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:bigarmhug: Get as much rest as possible and KUP on how you're doing. So sorry you're going through this. Sad

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*HUGS* Try to relax and hope for the best.

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Try to get as much R&R as possible and try not to stress out! :bighug:

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Oh no, Erin. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Hope it's just one of those weird things. Please keep us posted. :bigarmhug:

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So sorry you are going through this scary time. Like PP said....try to get some rest and not stress. Keep us posted. Hugs!

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I'm so sorry, I know how stressful this is. Take good care of you right now. I hope you get some answers (the ones you want!) soon. I'm thinking about you and praying for you.

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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Try to rest as much as possible. We're all thinking about you.

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:bighug: Get as much rest as possible and KUP on what happens. Hopefully it's just random bleeding. Did they see a heartbeat when the did the U/S? The baby measuring a week ahead or behind isn't necessarily a problem, though I completely understand why you are so worried. I hope your LO sticks!

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Get lots of Rest. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

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sending thoughts & prayers!

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Thanks girls. I'm resting now till my appointment this afternoon. On the u/s yesterday, they said they saw a "flicker of blood flow" where the heart would be developing, so that's a good sign, and that my cervix was still closed. Here's hoping things calm down and this little one is safe and sound. I will definitely update once I get back from my appointment. Not sure what they will be doing, if I'll get my beta levels testing again today or not.

I really appreciate all your positive thoughts!!

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Sending postive thoughts and vibes to you...

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Sending you positive vibes, thoughts and prayers!!

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(((BIG HUGS)))

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Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. :openarms:

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Positive thoughts coming your way. I hope you get good news. :bigarmhug: