Scheduled my NT scan!

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Scheduled my NT scan!

It's on October 3, the same day as my next prenatal appointment. I'm really excited. Maybe then I'll finally start to believe that I'm really having a baby!

Is anyone else doing the NT scan? What should I expect?

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I won't be doing one. Smile You may get lucky and find out if it is a boy/girl at that appt too!

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I don't do anything, aside from their standard blood tests, and the standard ultrasounds. From what I've heard, they just say that they *think* there *might* be a higher chance for certain birth defects/disorders. That would stress me out more than it's worth, so I don't have them done.

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Yeah. Honestly, I could care less about the genetic testing, although it would be nice to be able to prepare for a special-needs baby in advance if that happens. I'm really doing it for the ultrasound. Having had two losses (and no successful pregnancy yet), I need all the reassurance I can get!

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I thought about doing one, just the blood work and ultrasound, for the same reason. But decided against it. I would not let them do an amino on me if they did get a positive, too risky and too many false positives.

I know lots of people who had them and if they did get a positive they just did more ultrasounds and blood work to figure things out. Most of the time it came back normal and everything worked out great.

I hope yours goes well and that you get to see your healthy baby!!!