See what were having!!! (er visit)

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See what were having!!! (er visit)

Soo, had a scare again. Really this pregnancy is stressful!!! Was at work and had some mild cramping so i went to the Restroom and went pee there was Bright red blood on the tissue. So i got someone to cover for me and headed to the ER. After 3 hours, a pelvic exam,blood tests, urine test and finally an Ultrasound they said they have no clue what caused it. I did tho get a "first foot print photo" and a "hamburger shot" Hubby is proud, he can tell everyone he doesnt produce just BOYS!!

Hubby has 4 boys all together!!! This makes a boy and a girl for me Smile

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oh wow, how are you now? Any more bleeding? Hope this was just a one time scare.
Yay congrats on your girl

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Im ok. This isnt the first time ive had bleeding problems. Tho its the first time its been so PINK. Im doing good, kinda crampy still and trying to contain myself from telling everyone im having a girl Blum 3

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Sad sorry about the stressful circumstances, but how exciting, that you got a peek at your little healthy bean!!!

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Eek! That is a little scary. Congrats on your little lady though! Yay!!

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Congrats on your GIRL!!! Yahoo I hope you don't have any more bleeding issues!! How scary. KUP on you are doing.

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I am sorry! I hope the cramping subsides, and the bleeding stops. Yea for a little girl!

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I'm sorry for the ER visit, but glad you got to see your Little GIRL and everything is Ok!

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Happy and scary news!

Congrats on your little girl! They're a lot of fun!

Let us know how you're doing! Hope the pains stop and so does the bleeding. Also, doesn't it suck when you go to the ER and they're like "Oh, we have no idea what's wrong."??? Ha ha I still never found out what was wrong with me last week!

Anyway, relax some and again yay for a girl!

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I'm so sorry about the cramping and bleeding. That is always scary.
Yay for finding out your having a girl! Congrats!

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Congrats on your girl!!!


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