Seriously, Over 5 Months Old??

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Seriously, Over 5 Months Old??

Popping over to say I can't believe how much time has gone by!! We're on our hands and knees here, trying to launch himself forward. Sitting up. Eating solids (ok, only tried 4 times). So close to sleeping through the night (wish he would hurry up already). What's your LO doing you want to brag on? Want to share a picture?



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I love your new picture of your kids!

Desmond is 5 1/2 months and he's loving his solids! He really likes bananas. He eats up to 2 oz at a time! That's after nursing too. We have the baby bullet so I know how much he's eating.

Des isn't much a sleeper lately. Makes me so tired lol. He is sitting up real well and playing with a lot of different toys. He can scoot a little but he gets too mad about being on his belly that he gives up lol.

His favorite person is either my DH or DD2, although he wants me always next to him. Lol he doesn't like to snuggle with me much anymore, but snuggles with DH and DD2 can always make him laugh it seems like. He likes DD1 a lot too, esp in the car when she sits next to him.

I love watching them all play together Smile

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Awwwwww! Super cute!!!!!

We are scooting army crawl style over here. He still won't roll, but he's done enough to convince me he can - he just doesn't. He's sitting by himself for long periods and can pull himself into sitting position from a reclined position. He's super duper fat and still nursing like a champ! He will NOT take any kind of artificial nipple including paci or bottle, so I can't leave him at all because then he can't eat. We've started offering him a sippy cup and we've started trying some baby food, which he mostly spits out. He sleeps through the night most nights and has for a long time now, which is awesome! Especially since his sister didn't STTN till she was 10 months old.

I can not wrap my mind around him being 5 months old already!! Crazy how fast time flies! I will happily show off my little fatty!

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omg so cute Smile and pushing up well on his hands. I love your sig pic ...going to have to steal this idea Smile

Just 4mths here, I'll post an update with pics after his 4mth needles on thurs