Sex. yeah, I said it.

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Sex. yeah, I said it.

Anyone hear the old wives' tale that horniness = boy?

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ROFL Nope, never heard that one. If that's the case, I am DEFINITELY having a girl! LOL

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My first two pregnancies I was very...always wanting

This one, just not so much.

My first two were girls. We're still hoping for a boy.

But I hadn't heard that one. I love looking up the old wives tales though!

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I never heard it either. Someone I know brought it up and then I thought about it.

With my first, I was randy ALL. THE. TIME.

This time, so far, I can take it or leave it. I feel bad because I'd almost rather sleep. lol

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I have not heard that either. And it would not be true for me anyways. With all 3 of mine, I could take it or leave it and I have had a girl and a boy. I am just so tired that sleep is all I need.

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Sex??? What is that??? ROFL I sure hope that's the case because then I'm having another girl!!!! I've never heard that one would be fun to see if it's true ROFL

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I've never heard that
If its true then DS2 should be a girl instead.

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I haven't heard that one before, but I'd bet it has a 50% accuracy rate. Biggrin

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Well I am having a boy and I could careless this time, but then again I am chasing a VERY BUSY 3 yr old around all day....

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OK I guess I will be the one freak of the group. If it was true, I would have been having twin boys both times. HAHA which didn't happen! Anyway.... I'll back out of the room now.. Blum 3

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LOL, I must be having a girl on this one too! Lol