She is super cute these days!

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She is super cute these days!

Heidi has learned some super cute new things in the last couple days! She has been waving for a while, and saying Ma-Ma and Da-Da, but in the last couple days she has started clapping, and today she started making kissing sounds! It is so cute she pretends to kiss us, and then makes little kisses and smiles huge grins!!!

It is so fun to watch her growing and learning... she is scooting so quickly on her bum, and is pulling up a ton and is starting to cruise. It's been an amazing couple of weeks.. oh and she wished for her second front tooth for Christmas (or at least I wished for her since she'd had one top tooth for weeks and weeks) and she got it! So she now has five teeth.


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awww so cute. Adam does the clapping but I can't wait for the kisses Smile

wtg on moving

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How awesome! I love this stage with our babies.

I'm also jealous that she has 5 teeth, our LO has none yet. boo!

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Desmond started clapping over the holidays. My husband was so excited haha. He also her 4 top teeth coming in at once so nights are miserable.

I'm glad her top tooth finally cut through too! I love that she does kissy noises. I can't wait for Des to do that. Or when he starts giving kisses.

Can you believe how fast time has gone!?