Should I Let Life Events Dictate My Delivery?

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Should I Let Life Events Dictate My Delivery?

I'm so sorry I come and go. I do lurk, but trying to get my co-workers ready for my leave (so I don't have to fix so much on my return like I did when I was out in December). Plus, A LOT going on personally here at home.

Any how, we've had our house on the market since last July. 2 weeks ago we finally got an offer and accepted!! Well, they want to close April 13th....I'm due the 6th. What do I do? I had a c-section with DD and was hoping to have a VBAC. But, then I risk the possibility of being in the hospital for closing. Should I just set a date and say if this guy isn't here by X then I'll just opt for a c-section? I'm so torn! Though, my doc didn't give me such high hopes for a successful VBAC because DD was transverse and they think it could have to do with my uterus, not just her positioning. So, I'm at a higher risk of it happening again. But I didn't want to just go into this with a c-section and no other option.

Talk about timing, silly buyers! Now we're rushing to find the right place to buy.

What do you think I should do?

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You can negotiate the closing date. Postpone it to the end of the month. When we bought our house, we wanted to close on about Dec 9th so that's what we put in our offer. They came back and accepted the offer, but said there's no way they'd be out of the house by then and they offered the 18th as closing, so that's what we did. It was closer to Christmas than I liked, but we worked with it. And they were just moving to another town, not having a baby. I would just see if they are willing to accept a closing date a little later, or if you are already out of the house maybe aim for a little earlier? I'm pretty passionate about my VBAC though, so it was take an extreme event for me to opt for a repeat c/s.

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I agree with what Anna said. See if the buyer is willing to close later and if not don't stress too much!

Moving houses at the end of pregnancy sucks lol, but I hope you find a house you really like and get all settled in soon!

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Personally... I'd have whatever paperwork done possible, and tell them that they may need to work around your schedule, but maybe they can work out the move-in day, just in case things are untimely? Either that, or see if you can sign all the paper work earlier?

That's just my personal opinion.... depends on all the variables, and the most important things to you..

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We're already locked in to the closing date....paperwork signed and agreed upon. Honestly, when we got the offer I didn't pay any attention at all to closing date. I was just so happy to have buyer and to be moving on, I just didn't correlate the closing to my due date. Plus, I didn't want to scare them off Sad

I was very strong minded about a VBAC, but now I'm not too sure. I really don't want to go through abdominal surgery twice in 4 months, it was tough last December. I also hate the idea of scheduling a c-section just for convenience.

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Since you really want a VBAC I would go ahead and wait to go into labor. But that's just me.

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That's a tough situation. If you want a VBAC I would try for that and not schedule anything. The timing is bad, c-section or not. I think if you schedule a c-section for a couple weeks before you'll still be very sore and the baby will still be very new and needy. At least if you try for a VBAC you might not be a sore. I would honestly suggest trying to move a few weeks before closing if you can swing it, just to get things out of the way. A close friend of mine had a VBAC after 2 c-sections and the second section was because the baby was transverse, so it can be done.

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I say, just keep trucking as planned. It will work out. If you get your VBAC, it will make the moving easier in the long run.

Yay for selling your house though!

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I'd say still go for it, but that is just me and there is pretty much nothing that could sway me from having a VBAC. Also even if you have a c/s early, you won't be able to do much as far as the actual moving goes. Even with a VBAC, you'll be up and around way sooner but will have a tiny NB to take care of and moving will have to be done with the help of others. So either way (c/s, vbac, or newborn) your going to need to have others help you guys move and not be doing it yourself. You can always gets loads of the packing done before then and have a plan for where things go (we labled boxes to be placed in specific rooms for easy unpacking) ahead of time. I know its totally bad timing but I wouldn't let that sway you from having the type of birth you want.