Should I tell?

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Should I tell?

Ok, I'm a teacher. My classroom consists of 3 boys (ages 11 and 12) who have behavior disorders. School starts Monday so I don't know what they'll be like at the beginning of the year but last year they were VERY violent boys (ie kicking, punching, hitting, biting etc)

SO my question is, do I tell the prinicipal? My reason for wanting to tell him is basically that if I would get punched, kicked, etc in the stomach I will be able to leave immediately (or shortly after) to go see my OB and make sure everything is ok. I don't want to have to go to him in 2 weeks or so and say "I got kicked hard in the stomach and am bleeding. Oh and I'm pregnant" I don't know...what do you guys think?

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That's a great question. Hmmmm, I probably would, for safety reasons. But then again it is SO early. For me I guess it would depend on my relationship with the principal. I could really see both points, telling and not telling. The thing that is most important though is your (and baby's) safety.

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I think I would go ahead and tell him, just so he knows and in case anything were to happen he is prepared.

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I teach in a mod/sev autism classroom 1-3rd grade and we had alot of hitting, kicking etc...I checked in with hr and found out their standard procedure was (which was I had to check in with workers comp dr, but that I could have my ob call them to consult and transfer me to their facility, it had to go in that order or workers comp wouldnt cover any damages) that would be the procedure weather they knew early on or 12 weeks, so I just waited until 12 weeks as I was a first year teacher and I did not want them freaking out about it. As soon as I did tell them they were very cautious and transferred a male IA over to help out. HTH!

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I probably would just so you have the support if they are really acting out or if you need to leave to be seen. Is it possible for you to get an aide or take some precautions? I've worked with kids with severe behavior disorders so I know how unpredictable they can be.

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When I was preggo with my DD, the same week I fouond out I was pregnant, we had a menengitis scare. I was freaking out so i told my co-worker. Everything turned out fine, but a few weeks later we had a weather emergency and even the administrative officers (which I am) had to go out and work on the streets. Luckily I had taken off that day for a doc's appt., but i would have been lucky to have my co-worker know. She would have done all she could to not have me put on the street and so that I wouldn't have to tell everyone yet.

So I say yes. It's alway good to have someone looking out for you. Just explain to your principle that its still early and discretion would be appreciated.

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I think if you are truly concerned about your safety and your baby's safety, having the principal know can only help you. You can be sure to tell them in confidence and make them fully aware that you are only telling them for your concern, but you want it to remain quite until X date. I think then if something happens, they principal will understand your concern for wanting to see a doctor quickly and you won't have any unnecessary negative recourse.

Good luck with your decision!

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:thumbsup: I agree with everyone, you should definitely tell your principal.