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showing already

I'm showing already and I'm sick of trying to hide it. So, everyone knows now!!!! I looked back at my notes from my first pregnancy and I was showing in the second month too. I guess when you have a short torso, the only way to go is out!!! Anyone else out there showing? I've had to purchase a bella band which is a huge help.

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Hi and congratulations on your pregnancy! I've heard that you show earlier with subsequent pregnancies. Since this is your second(?) I'm sure that is the reason why you're showing earlier than your first. Biggrin

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I had a bit of a belly before I got pregnant again, so it just looks a little more bloated. But I will not be able to hide it long. With DD I was in pregnancy clothes by 8 weeks, I am hoping to be able to make it till then with this one as well. but since it is my third I am not sure I will make it.

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I know that I show super early. I am not very tall either so it all goes straight to my midsection and straight out from there.

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Second pregnancies are said to show sooner, so I'm getting my announcements out of the way! Besides, people are going to start noticing I'm not continuing to lose weight on my workout program.

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I can no longer wear any pants! But I think that's just bloat from my progesterone shots. Or it may be twins. I miss pants! I need to buy giant pants.

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I have the benefit of chub to hide mine for a bit. Though things start to get distorted as my fat gets pushed up and out to make room for the uterus lol! Short torso and second child doesn't help as well. Wink

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Um, yeah, I had people asking if I was pregnant by 5 1/2 weeks. Most of it's just my natural little pooch that I normally try to hold in, but once I found out I was preggo I just gave up on any pretenses. Yeah, I have a little belly, and I'm proud! LOL.