Sibling Cuteness

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Sibling Cuteness

For those of you with LOs, I know some of them are too young to "get it" yet, but I thought it'd be fun to share the cute things our kiddos have said/done regarding these new babies.

Lately, my daughter has been doing some particularly cute things. About 2 weeks ago, I was trying on a new dress and she said, "Oh, Mommy!! I love your new dress!" and then a pause and she added, "But I really looove the baby in your belly!" Sooo sweet! Smile :)
Then yesterday morning she was eating a bagel while watching tv when she randomly walked over to me at my computer and pressed the bagel up to my belly and said, "I'm sharing my bagel with the baby!" Haha! It was adorable. All this stuff makes me so excited to see how she is as a big sister when the baby's actually here!

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DD is too little to understand any of it. She doesn't talk at all yet, but she loves my belly. She loves playing with my belly and blowing raspberries on it.

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Caleb loves laying on my belly and patting the "baby" We also have a book that has all the U/S pics in it. Caleb gets soo excited when he gets to look at them and says my baby, mommy baby ooooooohhhh... Its so sweet too!! Im Excited yet nervous.

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My kids are a bit older (5.5 & 4), and they couldn't be more excited. One girl wants a sister and the other wants a brother. Now, when they're playing house, one of them has a baby in their belly. Cracks me up!

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so cute Smile

Last week mil asked ds if he was going to share his room with the baby. He said "no that's my room" then thought about it and said "The baby can have my fuzzy blanket I have two". This blanket though is his favourite of the two Biggrin

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My daughter, Jessie, has told me that we don't need to buy anything for our new baby since the new baby can have everything she used when she was a baby!! She has also told me that she hopes the new baby is a boy because she needs a prince!! This just makes me laugh since I guess our little guy (he's 3) just isn't working out for her!! He always wants to be a robot when Jessie wants to dance with him, or marry him!


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Last Sunday at church, DS's Sunday school class was learning about Hannah and her baby and he very proudly shared that we were going to have a baby and that he was very excited about it.

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DS has been kissing my belly a lot and he knows the baby names we have picked out.

Strangely though he has trouble remembering the boy name. My mother in law said "that's because you won't need to remember it."

He also will just walk up to me if I'm standing and put his hands under my shirt to touch my belly. He's excited.

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My kiddo's are obsessed with the baby - everything is about the baby. When I wake up, they tell the baby good morning before they even address me. Hailey, my 6 year old, wants a baby brother and begs my belly to be "Damien Xander" the boy name we picked out. Sascha, my 4 year old, wants another sister, but they have both said they will still be happy to have either one (We'll see! LOL).

We are taking both the girls in with us for the Ultrasound on Tuesday so they can find out with us and finally see their little sibling. It's all very cute although occasionally slightly annoying!

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Awww, all the siblings are so cute.

My kids don't know yet. DS2 is only 12 months so he wouldn't have a clue anyway. Last pregnancy we told DS1 right away and it was a long time to wait for him. We will tell him after Thanksgiving so it will only be 1/2 the time to wait. He has been asking when we can have our girl baby for the past 2 months so I'm sure he will be excited even if I can't promise the girl part.

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My 2 year old isn't too keen on a sibling. Wehn asked if he would like a brother or sister he replies he wants a porcupine. Biggrin

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DD2 doesn't really understand. I point to my tummy and tell her "Baby" and she will sometimes repeat me. Most of the time though she smashes my boob and says "baby!" and starts laughing. LOL. I tell her no not baby and again point to my stomach. She thinks it's a game.

DD1 said she wants a brother but she doesn't like the boy name we picked out, but instead prefers the girl and says "The baby is Savannah" Ha ha! Actually she said either a boy or twins! And if it's twins (it's not) a boy and a girl! LOL!

We get to find out in 9 days...I'm a little worried DD1 will be disappointed if we get a girl. Last time she cheered real loud about having a girl. Ha ha...that was when she was against boys all together! When we found out DD2 was a girl she threw her fist in the air and yelled "Yes! Another girl for my kingdom!" (or maybe it was princess) ha ha. The dr thought that was funny.

As soon as DD2 understands we're having a baby she's gonna be real excited. She loves all babies although she always tries to poke their eyes! Ha ha...we're working on her being gentle.

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"MeghanK" wrote:

My 2 year old isn't too keen on a sibling. Wehn asked if he would like a brother or sister he replies he wants a porcupine. Biggrin

ROFLMAO! OMG I about died. That is too funny!

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My daughter is excited but really wishes it was a girl, since she already has a brother.

My son on the other hand doesn't know how to take it. He has a few nicknames for him, Mickey Mouse and Cockroach... cockroach is the newest name and when he went with me to the OB last week my OB told Carter we are listening to the babies heartbeat.. Carter said don't you mean the cockroaches hb??? the OB said well I guess it is about the size of one right now..