Sick and tired of my hair!

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Sick and tired of my hair!

This stuff is everywhere! I am constantly picking strands of hair off my all day long. I find hair in the bathtub, all over the floor, on my daughter, all over the couch. Basically anywhere I have been there are hairs! Don't get me wrong I like my long hair, but it seems like everywhere I go and in everything I do, I end up picking up random hairs.

When I was pg with DD the falling out thing slowed way down, but I didn't even notice until near the end of me pregnancy when I figured out my hair was thicker. About 5 months after DD was born it started falling out BIG TIME, now I have a bunch of short hair all over and almost bangs from the regrowth, but the falling out hasn't slowed down with this pregnancy yet. Ugh! I have to periodically cut the hair off the vacuum cleaner roller.

Oh and as an aside, I do not have any medical issues that involve hair loss. It appears that my level of hair loss is normal. :confused:

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If it makes you feel better, my hair has always fallen out even when I'm not pregnant. My husband would joke that he could take his hand and move it back and forth on the floor a few times and he would pull up a wad of my hair. This was also after vacuuming once a week. Lol.

My siblings always said they were surprised I had any hair left with how much always comes out. I just have really thick hair.

However, I'm not sure if my hair falling out has slowed down or not.

It does make me wish I was brave enough to cut it really short at times, but I love my hair long.

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Last time my hair fell out in hunks after I had my son, and the regrowth came in curly for a while, talk about strange looking.

So far I have been shedding, but nothing abnormal. I fear the after birth hair loss though it took me a year to fix my hair.

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I too am still losing hair. I know it is still at normal levels but with my other 2 pregnancies it definitely slowed down more. Hopefully I will not get too many little mommy hairs, I am still growing out the ones from DD. I talk about chopping it all off but am not sure I could bring myself too do it, I need/ like to be able too just pull it back in a pony tail, out of the way.

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I have super fine baby hair, i would love to wear my hair down but when i do its EVERYWHERE as well. When i work of course it has to be up and its embarrassing cause it looks like i have balding streaks Sad

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Yeah, it has to be long enough to put in a ponytail for me too. Mine, I don't think, is falling out at abnormal levels, but it gets really annoying when I wipe down a counter and there are several hairs in my dish cloth, or when I'm picking it out of the laundry as I fold it.

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Have you seen how long my hair is Anna? Like down past my waist and thick. I've always had major hair loss but agree that like month 5-7 after having Odin was like the worst. I just recently got out of the 'headband' wearing phase to deal with all those little hairs growing back in. My poor family is always covered in my hair as well. And DH has to snake our drains a few times a year.

Still have a ton coming out but not as bad as months 5-7 pp like I said. I love it long though so I can't see cutting it. Totally feel your hair all over the place pain!

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I totally shed too -- and actually had excessive hair loss at one point when I lived in CA - I went to the doc because it started to come off in chunks and it totally freaked me out! It turns out it had something to do with the water there.

Ways to reduce shedding -
- Do not wash hair more than 2x a week (unless you absolutely have to)
- Do not use conditioner on the roots, always go about one inch away from the roots
- Start with warm water (which opens pore's) to shampoo and so on, but rinse it out
with cold water, make sure the cold water hits the scalp well so that it closes the
- If you dye your hair, try to either move to semi-permanent colors or color it less
often -- same goes for the use of curling irons, go easy on those and always use a
hair protecting serum/spray.

Because it was hard for me not to wash my hair during the week (more than 2x) I started using the sink to wash my hair instead so I could control the water better - and eww cold water hitting the rest of you in the shower is NOT FUN! LOL

Hope that helps! I still shed some, but it's NOTHING compared to before.

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My husband just cleaned an ungodly amount of slime-covered hair out of the shower drain. Considering there are three girls in the house, with lots of hair, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. He was kind enough to have me leave the bathroom so I didn't have to smell it either.

I do also have to cut hair off my vacuum roller. SO annoying!

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I'm losing TONS of hair! This morning in the shower I had a bunch between my fingers! It was really gross.