Sippy cup or regular cup??

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Sippy cup or regular cup??

Ok... so we gave my older daughter a sippy cup when she started drinking water, but it was FOREVER before I could get her to drink from a regular cup... I mean like she was nearly four. So for this baby, do we do the sippy again and potentially deal with having the sippy cup way too long, or go with the regular cup, have more spills, but have a regular cup??

What are you doing for your little ones??


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I keep forgetting what kid I'm talking about because I was going to say that I've been giving him a regular cup for forever now, but thats my 25 month old. Smile

I think DS2 started with a reg. cup shortly after turning a year old. Just a little bit of water at a time but he is a pro now. I'll do the same with Archer as well. I haven't even tried a sippy cup or anything since he gets all his liquids from nursing and doesn't have the desire to work a cup of any kind yet.

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I just bought a sippy for Adam....don't think it's this one but very similar Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Sippy Cup, 9 ounce: Baby

he's exclusive bf and I don't pump so we don't really use often just with water to get used to it (doesn't care for it, he just chews and spills water all over himself haha

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My kids transitioned fine from a sippy cup to regular cup. But I would let them drink from a regular cup often and then they just got a sippy cup when they would drink in the car or other place a regular cup would not work for a little one.

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Since Desmond won't take a bottle we actually bought sippy cups and he will drink out of those...sort of. He will get some out but still prefers the boob.

We got Nuby brand.

With DD1 I finally got her drinking out of a regular cup between 3 and 3 1/2. She preferred using a straw for the longest time though. DD2 wants to drink from a big girl cup but then when she spills it on herself, she gets very upset and discouraged so that's hard for me to "push" her to do it. However, neither girl ever took a sippy cup...they went from bottle to one with a straw.