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I finally have discovered the key to getting Emma to sleep! Her tummy! She is a stomach sleeper! None of my other kids were, they slept great on their back. That is why it took me so long to figure it out. It was impossible to get her to sleep longer then 15 mins during the day unless we were driving. At night she would sleep good in bed with us but would not sleep in her own bed. Then in desperation on Sunday I put her on her stomach, she cried for a short while and then slept for 3 hrs. She has been sleeping well on her stomach since. It makes me a bit nervous but she is sleeping great and I actually get evenings kid free.

How are your kids sleeping? Do they sleep on their backs or stomachs?

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DD2 LOVED sleeping on her tummy. It made me nervous but she was so strong I didn't worry too much. Plus my siblings and I all slept on bellies. Des likes his tummy sometimes but he's been sleeping on his back more.

Glad you found a way to get her to sleep longer!

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Kole likes his tummy too. I tried his tummy once a couple of weeks ago and he slept so good I started just putting him down that way. I waited until he had good head control before I did that and he moves his head side to side fine. It still makes me a tad nervous and he has started sleeping well on his back lately so I've started to put him down on his back a bit more recently.

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Heidi sleeps on her back.. but she sleeps SOOO well, that I haven't tried anything else. She would probably hate sleeping on her stomach since she really dislikes tummy time... She is going to be really old when she starts rolling since she doesn't even push up at all on her stomach yet. She can lift her head, but she doesn't push with her arms. I put her to sleep with a blanket which is also not recommended, but I can't do the sleep sack... Oh well, we all do what we need to do to get some sleep!!!

Glad you are getting more sleep now!


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When DD1 was little, we always put her to sleep on her back. Then at some point after she learned to roll, we would find her on her tummy in the morning. To this day she goes to sleep on her tummy.

DD2 will occasionally go 5 or 6 hours between a pair of feedings at night, sleeping soundly on her back in her co-sleeper swaddled in one of those sleep sacks. But she doesn't sleep well in the cosleeper at naptime. I have to nurse her to sleep side-lying on our bed, and even that doesn't work half the time.

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Lucas sleeps the majority of the time on his back in his swing. If he's not in the swing he's either right next to me on his back, or on my chest on his tummy. Whatever works!

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I've always put my babies to sleep on their backs, and Elijah is a big fan of sleeping in his swing too. His naps are usually on his back on my bed with pillows surrounding him just in case he gets wild & starts moving. We haven't been the best about belly time- really need to start working on that!

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Peyton has slept on his yummy since he was born. All of my kids are tummy