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Sleep position

Anyone else already finding it crazy uncomfortable to sleep on your belly? I feel like there is a tennis ball in there and I have to get off of it. Annoying since it's my favorite way to sleep!

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I usually try to sleep on my stomach as much as I can at the beginning because I know I won't be able to after a while. However this time around I'm already showing and I'm only 9 weeks and 1 day! So it's been uncomfortable for a few weeks now and have to lay with either my hand under my stomach or a pillow under it.

My husband just got back from the field (military) late friday night and he didn't believe me when I told him I was already showing (he was gone a month). When he saw me he was like "Yeah you're showing" ha ha.

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Not yet, but I am dreading the day when it is uncomfortable for me to sleep on my stomach! I am already trying to get used to sleeping on my side b/c it takes a while for me to get used to it and actually be able to fall asleep on my side. Right now though, I think I could fall asleep standing up if I stayed still long enough! I am SO tired most of the time!

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I am just getting to the point where I can not sleep on my stomach. I have been sleeping on my side with a pillow under my belly and between my legs. DH does not like having an extra pillow in the bed but I can not sleep without it.

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I'm actually not much of a stomach sleeper anyway so I'm good Smile It's funny though because right now I know that soon I CANNOT sleep on my stomach so I find myself doing it more often just because I can ROFL

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I am a MAJOR stomach sleeper so I am sleeping on my stomach as much as possible right now. However I do find myself wanting to sleep on my side more lately so it's "better" for baby. I dunno, it's more psychological at the moment. With DS though I did dread sleeping on my side because of my hip pain so I am definitely not looking forward to that!

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I'm totally a back sleeper but and relishing the moments that I can still roll over and sleep on my stomach. Actually been doing it a lot lately even though its not my favorite.

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I'm not there yet, and I'm dreading the day. I LOVE sleeping on my stomach and that was the hardest thing about being pregnant last time.

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Its not uncomfortable for me to sleep on my stomach because of the baby, but because of my painful boobs! I wake up in the morning and my boobs feel like theyre on fire!