Sleepless night.. ugh

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Sleepless night.. ugh

So I went to bed at 10, slept for two hours, and was so rudely awakened by horrendous acid reflux. Ate two tums, stayed awake for 2 hours, fell back asleep. 30 minutes later, back awake with more horrendous acid reflux, thought I was gonna puke, nothing. So now I'm awake (unwillingly) with a splitting (literally it feels like its splitting down the middle of my head) headache and the lovely burning in my throat.


Luckily, I have nowhere to go tomorrow, but I would much rather be asleep right now.

Anywho, just needed to vent and get some pregnant women sympathy. Smile

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Ugh I hate sleepless nights! Every night for some reason, I wake up randomly, then I freak out thinking my husband must've slept through his alarm and I get up to check the time and then I realize I'm just being crazy ha ha. But when I get up he usually gets woken up.

Never fails, every night it happens...for the past like 2 weeks that is.

I hope your headache goes away and I really hope you're able to get a nap in today. And hopefully you get good sleep tonight. Also a few weeks ago I always had real bad heartburn. Luckily it has gone away.

Feel better!

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:bigarmhug: that really sucks. When I was pg with DD, I resorted to keeping a bottle of Mylanta in the fridge to help with the non-stop heartburn. I hope tonight goes better for you and that you find a way to get rid of that heartburn.

Some remedies that others have found helpful (didn't work for me, but maybe worth a try):
Apple cider vinegar

I'm sure there are more suggested remedies, but Mylanta was my only relief the first time. I hope it doesn't get that bad this time.

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Pickles, it has been my miracle cure for severe heart burn. I know it's almost impossible to think of eating dill pickles when you have heart burn but I swear, three spears and it's gone like magic and it DOESN'T come back.

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I hope you got some rest today and sleep better tonight. Everything seems worse with no sleep.

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Yep, I swear by the pickles too!

I'm so sorry you had such a lousy night. I've been getting terrible headaches too with our change of seasons going on. Kills me when they are so bad like that and there isn't much beyond tylenol you can do.

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Sad that sounds miserable! I have what I call "pregnancy insomnia," but it really just occurs after getting up to pee, and I can't get back to sleep. Another suggestion, to help with night-time reflux, is elevating your head/chest above the rest of your body.

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I have never heard of pickles curing heartburn! Weird!! Thankfully, I haven't had any problems with it but I'll have to remember to try it if I get it later on!

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i'm sneaking over from the jan 2012 board....the topic caught my eye b/c I too have been dealing with pregnancy insomnia (sometimes due to heartburn, but mostly just from getting up to pee). i usually wake up between 2 and 3 am and don't get back to sucks b/c then i have to function all day at work on 4 hours of sleep, and then come home and try to function there...i've been a miserable bear for the last 3 or 4 weeks!!!! i hate it!!!! this week i pretty much had an emotional meltdown from being so exhausted...anyhoo, just wanted to say i'm glad to hear that i'm not the only one dealing with this.