So confused - wierd appt

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So confused - wierd appt

Yesterday I had an appointment with my midwife and what was supposed to be my big ultrasound. We had the ultrasound first - the tech struggled to get pictures and then finally said I am not sure why your midwife sent you. She couldn't get the pictures because your not developed enough yet. She then told me I was measuring at 15w2d. I would be according to my due date 16w2d, so measuring a week early.

Then when I met my midwife, she asked about the ultrasound without looking at my chart and I told her the tech said I was measuring small 15w2d and couldn't get all the pictures. She look surpirised then asked if my due date was right. I told her as far as I know, it was fine - I was 16w2d. She looked at my chart as said are you due April 5th? I then told her I was due April 19th. Apparently she thought I was 18 weeks, even though the last appointment 4 weeks ago I was 12 weeks along.

I guess when I had my initial visit (not with the midwife) someone made an error on my chart. The midwife recalculated my date and said I was due april 20th, and that I was 16w3d.

So now I have to go back for an ultrasound in 2 weeks but I am confused again. If she adjusted my date back, wouldn't I be less pregnant ie 16w0d today?

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Well that definitely sounds like a disappointing appointment. Odd that the mistake didn't get caught sooner too. I hope that you have a better appointment in 2 weeks and get some good pics of your LO.

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That is VERY frustrating! (((HUGS))) I hope the next appointment clears everything up!

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That is confusing. I'm due on the 19th (according to my dates not the docs.) and I was 16 weeks yesterday. I think she is off on her numbers.

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uhhhhh way to go, confusing a pregnant lady! Sad that is frustrating, to be all excited & thinking things are different than they are. Sorry - I hope they get it figured out for you, and stop getting things mixed up!