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    Default So Excited!

    So I had decided that I really wanted to get my DH's ring engraved with our LO's initials for Valentine's Day/Birthday (in March)/New Daddy Present, but I had no idea how much it would cost. I found a guy in the next town over (30 minutes away) that does machine engraving that says he thinks he can do it for around $10!! How awesome is that??!!

    On another exciting note, I checked out my baby registry on Wal Mart and almost everything has been bought! I feel so lucky to have friends and family that want to make sure we have everything we need!
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    That is awesome! That's a great gift idea. DH is hard to buy for for sentimental stuff. This year for Vday I got him bean plants that have inscriptions on them, so when they grow the bean plant says "I love you" and things like that.

    We also got our rings engraved too. But that was for our wedding. Mine says "Always" his says "Forever" (we use to write that to each other when he was in boot camp).

    And YAY for getting almost everything needed for your baby girl! It's always great to know what you're getting and what's still needed. It's even more exciting that you have great loved ones who will buy you what you need.

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    That's fantastic! I'd be so excited about getting so much stuff off the registry. With DD I did a registry and not one thing got bought on it and I didn't get a baby shower either (nor will I this time), and yes I'm extremely bitter about it. You are very blessed to have friends and family there to make sure you have everything, it definitely helps relieve the financial burden of having to get every little thing yourself.
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    That is a great gift idea. Your DH will love it I'm sure.
    Yay for all the stuff on your registry getting purchased. I love that you can check that stuff out before the actual shower and all. I was like an addict checking mine with DS1. Its so nice and helpful to get stuff you need from family and friends.
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    I have NO idea what to get my DH - especially considering that his birthday is on the 15th so I always try to do something extra special for him those two days. Yesterday he just said "you're carrying my present, don't think anything else will top that" which made me feel extra happy cause I am really at a LOSS this year. I really wanted to replace his camera but we CANNOT afford to do that with baby coming.

    Glad to hear you got everything off your registry. I had a baby shower with my 1st and only got like 3 things off my registry and everyone else pretty much just brought diapers, washcloths, burp rags, and clothes (which I already had bought way too much of myself so I had a ton of new stuff I ended up giving away to some friends that really needed it).

    I didn't get a shower for my second at all, and honestly not many people seemed to care too much about #2.

    My BFF is getting married this year so she apologized but said she can't afford to give me a baby shower for this one. Mom wanted me to have a shower again this time but she won't do it because she lives with me and says it would be tacky. So since it's such a big deal we bought everything ourselves and pretty much say eff it.

    Anna - I know exactly how you feel. I really don't care about the gifts, I just wanted to have a nice party with friends and family to celebrate our new baby like I would have loved to have for #2 as well. It is especially sad when my cousins and so on DO GET SHOWERS and parties for everything but on the other hand I look at it this way -- I have the best home-life/marital relationship out of everyone I personally know so in reality they really need all the support (especially emotionally) when I really don't since my DH and kids are awesome So I count my blessings and just go with it.
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