So Hungry!

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So Hungry!

Omgosh, I've never been so hungry in my life. I'm always hungry....if I let my stomach sit empty for too long I get bit nauseas. I eat a pretty big meal and an hour or so later I'm starving again. This can't be normal....I'm only 6 weeks! I feel like I'm constantly eating...ugh...I'm going to balloon up if I keep eating like this....

Anyone else constantly hungry?

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I wish that was more problem! I am constantly nauseous & occasionally it is accompanied by vomiting =(. I really don't have much of an appetite at all, just very thirsty. Everything tastes gross to me & I love food lol!

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I feel super naseous in the morning. If I don't eat in the morning it's horrible. But once I eat I'm usually far. I'm not exactly sure how far along I am yet, but I think it's still pretty early for me to get super naseous just yet.

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I'm the same way! If I let myself get too "hungry" I get nauseous! Prior to beging preggo I ate a small breakfast, had an iced latte for lunch and a regular dinner. NOW, I'm snacking ALL THE TIME!

BUT if I eat TOO much I get nauseous. I'm worried I'll be getting M/S which I've never had before! I guess time will tell!

My suggestion would be to eat something small (and healthy) every 2 hours or so.

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Youngmom, sorry you're so sick! :confused:

Erin, I hope it doesn't get any worse for you....

Megan, I think I'll have to do every 2 hours or only if I can make healthier choices! :rolleyes:

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I am the same way hungry all the time, but I can't eat the thought of food makes me blah...

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I'm not hungry all the time lately, but I am noticing I can't go such long periods of time in between eating anymore. I eat lunch around 11:30, if I don't have something small for a snack around 3, like an apple or banana, at 4:30 I'm ravenous for dinner.

We haven't told anybody that we're expecting yet, so when my husband told people this weekend.. Roxie HAS to eat, so let's go. I about killed him!