So Sorry I've been MIA! I hope to be around more!

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So Sorry I've been MIA! I hope to be around more!

It has been a crazy world the past 7 months. The day my son was born I had lost my job so I spent the summer job hunting and left empty handed. This resulted in me being a SAHM durning the day and working 7pm-3am taking orders for Cabela's (an outdoor store). Back in October I was EXHAUSTED everyday and it took everything in my power to stay awake until naptime and then I napped while the kids did (and they usually had to wake me up). I didn't think much of it since I'd been getting only 3 or so hours of sleep at night. Then right before Thanksgiving I realized that postpartum AF had visited in September but not since. I hadn't thought much about that either since I was BFing but in early-November my supply was so low that I was only able to nurse once a day and pumped only a few ounces so I figured AF should be back. So I decided to POAS and sure enough....Baby #4 :eek: I have an u/s Thursday so we'll see how far I am but I have a pretty good idea when it happened. ROFL

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3hrs sleep? wow that is impressive that you're coping ......not to mention having the energy for dtd hehe. Congrats kup after your u/s
hope things settle down for you soon

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Whenever possible I sleep all day Saturday and Sunday ROFL

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That sounds insane! I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job right when Holden was born. Congrats on Baby #4 though! How exciting!

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Congrats on #4!!! That is insane but exciting!!

When you were talking about being so exhausted I was thinking you were pregnant lol. Let us know how your u/s goes and how far along you are! Eek so exciting!!!

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Official EDD is June 29, 2013. Baby's heartrate today was 208 (girl???)

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Congrats!!! I was just wondering when someone from on here would be pregnant again!!

And welcome back!


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Bummer about the job situation.

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crazy times! congratulations!

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Wow congratulations!!