Soggy belly . . . :(

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Soggy belly . . . :(

That's the only way I can think to describe it. I don't remember my belly being this squishy and soggy after DD was born, so I'm hoping that it can be salvaged. In my case also, I feel like they did the c/s so differently this time and it created a flap on top that I hope I can eventually make go away.

I also have more stretch marks that didn't show while my belly was big but now are all over my belly below the belly button. :protest:

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I think with each child the jello belly (as my son calls it) gets worse. This time I have about 6 inches of flab that just hangs and it is GROSS! I hate it! I am not a small girl to begin with but now my tummy is just flab.

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Yes, the "mommy apron" is unappreciated here, too. Beee I feel like it looks/feels pretty much the same as after both of my girls. I remember after my first DD, I was shocked by how squishy and jiggly it felt the first few weeks after delivery, and wondered if it would ever look or feel any different. I'm planning on starting Zumba pretty soon, and hopefully that will make a difference! I'm grateful to have a friend who is a Zumba instructor! Smile

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I guess I am in the minority...I think it's kinda funny to poke at my squishy belly. I actually have been squishing it together and making it talk to DD2 who finds it hilarious! I guess part of it is because as soon as my OB says it's okay I'm going to start working out and if I get discouraged I have DH to encourage me.

I'm actually sort of excited to start working out soon.

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Not too fond of mine here either...I had lost about 25 lbs before getting pregnant this last time, so I'm fitting into all my pre-weight-loss shorts. Boo!!!

I've been ravenous with all the nursing, but I'm not going to work on losing the weight until I go back to work. Things get so busy there that I will probably lose weight just from the chaos.

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I some how have gotten back to close to normal. It's still a bit jiggly, but not so bad. But this time is very different than last time. I've been a lot more active and with moving, I'm on my feet all day walking around. Maybe that's been my saving grace? Only 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight!

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I've been pretty lucky as well. The belly is a bit squishy, but it's almost gone! I was pretty worried when I gained 18 kg with this pgcy, but I've already lost 12. Just had my thyroid tested this week and I'm a bit hyper so that probably helped with the weight loss!
I'm starting a Post natal exercise class this week so that might help to firm things up a bit. (and hopefully help with the slight incontinence issue as well! Lol)