Some of our April mamas...

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Some of our April mamas...

Are getting extremely close to double digits!!!


Can you believe it?! The time is going sooooo fast!!

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Yeah, this also means almost to the 3rd trimester... when THE HECK did this happen!?!?!

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Yep! Just about two more weeks until double digits for me -- and 3rd trimester starts one month from TODAY! I can't believe it!!!

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I hadn't even thought about that, but wow it is getting close! Crazy!

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Wow that is crazy!!!

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I was thinking about this earlier. I'm at like 25 weeks I think? And MAN That means DS could be here in like 12 weeks with how he's going...freaky!

It's exciting but nerve wrecking as well. Although I'm excited at the same time. I can't wait to meet him.

And wow I'm in the double digits this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've noticed that!! Can't believe how fast time is flying for all of us. I think I have a good 2-2/12 weeks left until double digits!

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Don't make me freak out even more! Blum 3

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Oh that's me! Got a shock just yesterday. At the most, 13 week left. :-O