Sorry it has taken so long... Camille Elise Birth Story

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Sorry it has taken so long... Camille Elise Birth Story

Sorry I havent been on here in a month!! I've just not really had any time or want to be away from Cammi. She's sleeping for now and I feel bad for not getting on here to update ya'll, so here it goes!

Camille Elise Bird
Born at 3:25 pm
6 lbs 8 oz.
18 1/2" long

As most of ya'll know, I was scheduled for a c-section on April 11 at 7:00 am because Cammi was breech. So, DH and I arrived at the hospital nearly 20 minutes early (we had to be at the hospital at 6:00 am) because for once in his life, DH drove the speed limit. LOL So we finally go into the hospital, nerves flying out the wazoo, about 10 minutes till 6:00. We walk into L&D and tell the nurses who I am and that I'm here for a scheduled c-section. They all look at me like I'm crazy and say, you didnt need to get here this early, you're not scheduled until noon. Umm, excuse me?! So they tell us that they will go call my Dr just to make sure that the time hasnt changed, and in the mean time they'll set us up in a room. So we get set up in a Pre-Op room, get a few vitals taken, and wait for someone to come tell us what time I will be having this baby! A few minutes later, the nurse comes back in and says that my c-section definitely is not scheduled until noon! Ugh! Noone would take blame for what happened, so we have no idea who screwed up. The nurse asks if we want to go home (we only lived 30 minutes away) so I tell her, well we didnt have anything else planned today since we were supposed to be having a baby right about now, and I'm not allowed to eat, and I would be very tempted at home for a few hours, so no, we'll stay. So I get settled in and DH and I just watch tv and wait. Now remember this part for later...I asked if I could have a cup of ice, and the nurse kindly goes and gets me one. Woohoo ice chips!! It's about 6:30 or so now, and DH's parents have already left from 2 hours away to come down to the hospital. So, obviously they're not going to turn around, so they keep heading on down here, but take their time. My mom only lives 30 minutes away and she was just about to head up to the hospital, but luckily, I caught her before she left. She says good, I can fix your brother and me breakfast. Thanks for the food reminder Mom! Lol So a couple hours go by... my Dr comes in to check on me, apologizes for the confusion and says see ya later. Lol DH's parents show up and cram into the small Pre-Op room with us. Now, here's the second part of the ice story. I had finished my cup of ice and decided that I wanted another cup. I'd been laying/sitting for a while now, so I decided that I would go to the nurses station and ask for some more ice. I get up there and the shift has changed, so different nurses. I ask a couple nurses for a cup of ice and they say sure no problem. Then the head nurse (old cranky lady) gets all huffy puffy and says no, you cant have any ice and if you've had anything else you better tell your Dr because that could delay your surgery!! So I kindly tell her that my surgery has already been delayed and walk away. So the rest of the morning I *****ed about her to everyone and chewed on gum. Take that lady! In the meantime my mom and brother had shown up. It was about 11 so only an hour till baby time, right? Wrong! The nurse comes in ( a very nice one luckily) and tells us that she doesnt know how long, but that they are behind in surgery. Lovely! Finally, at 1:30 they come in to finish getting me ready for surgery and at 3:00 I go into the OR. Getting the spinal was a little odd, not so much the needle going in, but this weird knot feeling on the side of my spine after the needle was put in. Almost instantly I was numb from the mid-section down. They started I guess cutting me open, and then my DH came in. He said the whole time they were working on me I had the weirdest look on my face. Everything was such a strange feeling, all the tugging and pulling. At one point someone was pushing down hard on my stomach, and I could definitely feel it! Cammi was born at 3:25 weighing 6 lbs 8 oz. When they pulled her out she was so tiny! The drs laughed when I said that, but I really couldnt believe how small she was! They took her over to the little prep area and cleaned her off. She didnt immediately cry, but I wasnt worried. She finally let out a good little cry, but then when I looked over they had an oxygen mask on her face. For some reason I really didnt freak out; I guess I figured they had everything under control. The nurses told DH to come with them to the nursery, and they started stitching me up. I went on to the recovery room and then was moved on to my room. I got real lucky and was given the biggest room because the lady I work with at church is friends with one of the nurses and she told her to treat me right! LOL By the time I got back to my room I thought I was going to die from the pain. The spinal had worn off and the recovery room nurse wasnt aloud to give me anything good because my blood pressure was low. When I got to my room I was left alone for what felt like hours, and I was screaming in pain. Not fun at all! Finally the nurse came in and gave me like three different pain pills. Let me tell you, Demerol is heaven! Finally my DH came back with the baby. She was completely fine then, but I later learned that she had had some breathing problems and at one point they made DH leave the nursery and closed all the blinds. She apparently decided to hold her breath and needed some extra prodding and oxygen to get her breathing again. Thank God, she has not had any other problems! I really dont remember most of the hospital stay or a lot of things from the first week at home ( my mom actually told me yesterday that I had bad headaches for the first week, but I dont remember that at all!). There were no problems with my healing, and still arent. I'm almost completely healed and free of pain!

Sorry this was so long and rambling! God bless anyone that made it thru the whole thing! Smile

This has taken me two days now to type up; I will post another thread later with pictures and an update on us. We're doing great though and Cammi is the most perfect little baby!

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Wow I bet that was scary to learn she was holding her breath! I'm glad she's okay and hasn't had any problems since then!

I can't wait to see more pictures of her! Congrats again, and don't worry about not being on too much. You just had a baby!

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Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on your girl!