Sorry I've been MIA

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Sorry I've been MIA

Hey Ladies!

I am soooo sorry I've been MIA!!! Long story short the last 10 weeks have been hell. The day Holden was born I lost my job and have been spending ALL free time applying for jobs (I had an interview last week so my fingers are crossed). Then Holden had some BFing issues where he wouldn't stay awake long enough to eat as much as he needed plus high Bili levels which resulted in countless doctors appointments. He is finally gaining weight but is still only 9lb 11oz...we are now going in weekly for weight checks. I think life has finally slowed down (as much as it can with 3 kids age 3 and under) so I hope to be back on MUCH more often.

PS I will post pictures soon.

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Glad you checked in! Smile

I think I check in way too much LOL! That sucks that you've been having to go in weekly for him to get checked. Desmond had that but only for about a week, and he was going in every two days because they thought I'd have to put him under the lights (if you remember Smile ) I hope Holden (still LOVE the name BTW) starts gaining lots of weight to make the drs happy!

That stinks that you lost your job. Hopefully you'll get the one you interviewed for!

I look forward to your pics!

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Wowza! I was wondering where you had been. You've definitely had your hands full. I'm so sorry about the job, and about the troubles with Holden. Sounds like things are turning around though! Hope you can come back for good soon!!

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So sorry to hear about the job, really bad timing on their part. I hope you fine something soon. Glad to hear things are settling down a bit though. Hope to see you around more soon.

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wow sorry about your job that is bad timing, gl with the interview

Hope Holden is now gaining weight now and your dr appts lessen

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Sorry about your job. Hope you hear good news about the interview. I'm also glad that Holden is gaining better. Weekly appt. stink (BTDT) and I hope that you guys can put those behind you soon.