Spring has SPRUNG!!

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Spring has SPRUNG!!

And our Sprouts are sprouting Biggrin I'm getting so excited!

Any ideas who will go next?

AFM, no signs of labor being close here! Just had an appointment today. Bp was 122/70, and measuring just at 37 weeks. I'll probably go to 43 weeks just out of spite since DS came at 42 and I've been praying this little one doesn't go that long lol!!

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I can't remember who but someone has a scheduled induction or c-section tomorrow I think.

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Ya know this time I really just don't know. I have my 37 week appt tomorrow so we'll see if anything is happening. Today a co-worker made the comment "Oh wow you've dropped" so we'll see. I've had some cramping over the weekend and over the weekend there were some major BH. BUT on the other hand I feel really good and don't "FEEL" like baby will be coming soon.

Zayne was just 2 days shy of 41 weeks when he was born so we'll see.

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Amanda (mommy of 1.5) is having a c-section tomorrow.

I will definitely not be next. I have an appointment and cervix check tomorrow. I'm forecasting all closed up.

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I was thinking Amanda is having her c/s tomorrow. And someone else this week I think too. Maybe cuppycake? Can't remember.

Not me anytime soon. I'm holding out for April still.

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Not me next. Especially since we have (I think) 2 scheduled this week. Isn't someone being induced this week too? I'm predicting I will near to past my EDD. I'm ready, but baby apparently is not so we'll wait on him.

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I had my NST today and a few contractions were picked up. I go again on Friday to see my Ob and another NST. Im not betting on her coming anytime before April. Id prefer her to stay till AFTER Easter lol

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I thought someone had a c/s scheduled for today? Actually I thought there was a few this week.

I'm so excited that there's so many already being born!

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Yipppeeee!!! BABIES!!! GL to the mamas scheduled for this week!!

I would LOVE if this baby comes by Easter. DH is in the field right now. He's been gone over a week, and should be home by Friday. Then he got entered into a military school from April 9th to May 9th. He can only miss 2 hours a week or he gets booted, so there is a *chance* he won't be there for the actual birth. With DD, he had just come home from Iraq, and then I had an emergency c/s, so he was not in there with me when she was born, and then with DS he was in Afghanistan and missed the birth all together, so we were really hoping for him to be able to see this baby being born. But it's all a part of military life I suppose. If she comes before his class starts, or middle of the night, or on a weekend, then we are good, but we all know how predictable babies can be *lol and rolling my eyes* Smile

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Yep, scheduled c-section for me. Planned for 10am, but could be earlier or later, based on whether they have emergencies or if they're ready earlier. I had to have blood draws today (their policy for scheduled surgeries, to have labs within 3 days prior), and didn't want to drive the 1.5 hours home, then 1.5 hours back up in the early morning... so we're staying in a hotel that's only 6 miles from the hospital. Smile I am kind of amazed at how many babies have already been born. We need to save a few for the actual month of April! lol

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good luck Amanda

since I'm due at the end of April while I'm almost ready to be done I'm not looking to have this little guy just yet Biggrin

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"jolly11sd" wrote:

I was thinking Amanda is having her c/s tomorrow. And someone else this week I think too. Maybe cuppycake? Can't remember.

Not me anytime soon. I'm holding out for April still.

Well, I am clearly not awake yet. I am reading this and saying to myself, wow is there another cuppycake. BABY BRAIN. I am scheduled next Thursday on April 5th.

Our sprouts are too stinkin' cute!

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Monday, April 2nd, 8am for me. Whew. 6 more days...