Starting to bleed...

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Starting to bleed...

Not sure what to make of this. Started bleeding this morning so I guess I will contact the Dr in the morning to see if they can see me. Otherwise my first appt is not scheduled till Aug 31st and its just a nurse's visit.

I know spotting is normal but I would not consider this spotting. Although I feel nauseous this morning too!

Has anyone else experienced this before and not m/c?

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I know several people who have had significant bleeding and not m/c. I hope you can get in to your doc first thing tomorrow, and I hope it's good news. :bigarmhug:

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"daria" wrote:

I know several people who have had significant bleeding and not m/c. I hope you can get in to your doc first thing tomorrow, and I hope it's good news. :bigarmhug:


I'm sorry you are having to go through this. Bleeding does not automatically mean m/c. Lots of T&Ps coming your way! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks ladies! I didn't experience anything like this in my two previous pregnancies. I am not stressing at all....I know these things happen and I am already blessed with 2 healthy children. I will just hang in there and keep everyone posted when I have more information.


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T&P !!!praying that its nothing !!

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T & P!

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Definitely KUP when you find out more.

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Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I really don't think the outcome is going to be positive. It is like I am having AF. Hopefully I will know something tomorrow.

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With baby #3 I had bleeding twice actually. She was my first to ever have anything. I was just off of a m/c and had given up and started believing m/c. Everything turned out just fine, no pg problems and she's a beautiful 10 month old little girl. I bled once at 7ish weeks and again around 10 weeks, both for 3+ days and fairly heavy. It was sooooo scary and like I said, I had given up on that pregnancy.

I hope you have that same kind of luck!!!

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I hope everything is going to be ok. T & Ps!!

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I also had bleeding with my son. It lasted for a few days (2-3?) and came with pretty strong cramps. I was out of town and called my doctor and they had told me there was nothing I could do but wait, and go in when I was back in town. Luckily, when I went it everything was fine and now he's a healthy 3 years old little boy. I'm not sure what had caused it, but I know there can be a number of differnt things going on... I hope it works out the same for you.

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Went in today for bloodwork. Then will go again on Wed to see if the numbers doubled. Also got an order for an ultrasound, but I will wait to see what the first numbers look like before scheduling.

Thanks ladies for the T&P's and for those sharing their similar experiences. It looks like it will just be a waiting game now.

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Fingers crossed that everything is okay! Please KUP! :bigarmhug:

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My SIL had major bleeding for the 1st month or so of her pregnancy...the docs thought she was miscarrying, but her numbers kept doubling like they should... after a little bed rest and lots of fluids, she's due at the beginning of Oct with a very healthy little boy.

*HUGS* I will pray that everything turns out okay for you and your little one.