step away from the choc

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step away from the choc

OMG I can't stop eating junk and the halloween candy isn't even around yet.
Today I've ate 8 squares of dairy milk, a kit kat chunky and some sour patch kids. I was thinking to go get some choc snowmen I have but after remembering the dairy milk earlier I think I'll force myself to pass.

Yesterday I had a bunch of chips, choc, sour patch. This is becoming a bad habit I need to curb now.

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Lately sweets haven't tasted good to me (sad!)

I like sour things and salty stuff. The one sweet thing I do still really like is hot chocolate. Other than that I feel sick after eating a few bites of cake or something.

Although I'm not eating healthy ha ha. I've been eating fast food off and on (but have cut down) and drink some soda. I do still really like my fruit though!