Still anxious - past MC mentioned

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Still anxious - past MC mentioned

past miscarriage/ other detailed problems mentioned.....

I had a dating ultrasound last Monday, which was great reassurance that nothing was wrong, but still definitely nervous.

I have two daughters and I never had a problem during my pregnancies with them, aside from being pressured into c-sections both times (long story, I'm sure I'll share more later). 2.5 years ago I had a miscarriage, and since then several friends have had fertility/ pregnancy problems. A few months ago, one friend was 16 weeks pregnant and found out her baby had almost no brain matter. Sad Another friend is ovulating only non-mature eggs. Sad With a lot of other random tragic things going on (including death of several people I am acquaintances with), it just makes me a little more unsure than I was with my girls.

Anyone else nervous, with these kind of experiences lately?

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I just completed an internship and did a rotation in the of course all those NICU related problems are in the forefront of my brain. I've seen how pregnancies can go wrong and how they result in there babies.....I also had a miscarraige so with this one....I can't help but think of problems. However, we must remember that there are SO many more babies who are term and born completely healthy....just keep that in mind!!!

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I am nervous And I have not had a previous miscarriage, so I am sure it is worse if you have. But like Erin said, we just have to think about all the healthy babies out there and focus on the positive.

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You see all the sad/unfortunate stories and you can't help but have those in the forefront of your mind. I've never had a problem, DD#1 was healthy as can be. But, I can't shake the icky feeling something will go wrong. I agree, lets think positive!

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Every little twinge i overreact. I know it just my body getting ready but after 2 previous losses i get a little overwhelmed at time. Like the other ladies say,try and look at the outcome and stay positive. I know its easier said than done. :bigarmhug:

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Yes, definitely anxious here! I have experienced two chemical pregnancies, with the last one being in March. It is consuming! I know I will feel so much better in two weeks once I have heard the heartbeat and have confirmation that this pregnancy is viable! Positive vibes going out to everyone!

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I'm pretty sure we all have to work on thinking positive. After the 2CP's this year and the m/c I had back in 2006 I'm a hot mess too. Every time I get up fast my abdomen cramps, I immediately freak -- of course, then it goes away and I'm like OKAY -- Today I feel really good again (2nd time I'm having an extra good day) and that gets me freaked out too LOL

I constantly feel like a lunatic because every twinge, flutter, spasm, send me straight to double check that it's a normal symptom despite having had two totally uncomplicated and healthy pregnancies! Then if I don't feel anything for a few hours, I start to wish I was vomiting or something lol

The joys of early pregnancy!!! YAY

Anyone else feel anything funny at all and run for the bathroom to make sure there is no blood? I have been doing that at least once a day -- then I feel relieved, then I feel stupid, then I feel paranoid haha

I think the saying should be "The lunacy of early pregnancy" instead.

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I think the first tri is pretty nerve-wracking for everyone, but especially if you've had previous losses or suffered from infertility. I try to not worry too much, but I'll occasionally get a sharp pain or twinge and immediately worry that something might be wrong. Even though I know those things are normal. Maybe we can all relax a little bit once we hit the magical 2nd tri. . . maybe . . . just a little.

Good luck, I hope you have a very HH9M!