Stubborn Sprout!!!

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Stubborn Sprout!!!

I had my Appt today!! Baby was moving and sitting Indian style. Im only 15weeks 5 days so its still a little early to tell what im having but they tried to look still. Baby is breech and the tech didnt try for long to get baby to move its bottom half lol. I have to wait till Dec. 7th to find out bummer but once we do we will keep it secret till Christmas time and reveal it then!! Thats going to be hard to do but Should be fun!! I just have to think of ideas now!

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That is too bad! But as long as everything else looks good, that is what counts!

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Glad you got to see your LO. My big u/s is coming up and I fear they're not going to be able to tell!

I hope your Sprout (hehe) cooperates next time so you can do your big revealing at Christmas time. How exciting!

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My little one was sitting in Indian Style too. We had a hard time getting him to move around where we could see his goods.

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Your sprout sounds cute! I think it's amazing to watch them squirm and wiggle around on the u/s. Hopefully, s/he is more cooperative next time!!

Oh and for ideas: To tell my IL's I'm going to do an angel food cake and color it blue or pink and then ice it. When they cut into it they will know what we are having.

There's another idea that involves balloons in a box and then you open the box an the pink or blue balloons come flying out. I'd still like to find more ideas because if DH doesn't get to be at the u/s, I want to find a creative way to tell him too!

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Sorry you couldn't tell yet, but yay for getting to see your LO.

What a great Christmas suprise that will be for your family!