Stupid Leakage!

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Stupid Leakage!

And here I thought I had stopped leaking through pads, bras, and shirts! Nope. I woke up so engorged this morning and then because I haven't breastfed or pumped in 3 hours my boobs decided they should leak all over and through my thick bra pads, bra, and shirt. Gah! And here I hadn't leaked through that stuff in close to two weeks now!

Also, does anyone else "squirt"? Whenever my right breast leaks, it squirts...and I'm talking really far (LOL!)

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I haven't Had much trouble with leaking.

If Peyton pulls off They squirt, Or when I purposely squirt dh LOL

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I have. I have oversupply issues (did with DD too) and my letdown is really strong, so when I experience letdown it's like a fire hose. I've woke up a couple of times soaked through my shirt and with rock hard boobs. Kole is also really gassy because he has to gulp and chug when he nurses and ends up ingesting a lot of air.