Super Fussy Man!

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Super Fussy Man!

Today Desmond was pretty fussy. He didn't take many naps (although I woke him up once to run get fabric I bought) and when he would wake up he would scream. When he got hungry he would just scream. He wanted to eat so much I had to give my boobies a break! I unfroze some milk and gave it to him at one of his feedings. There was between 5-6 oz and he ate the whole thing. This little guy thinks I'm starving him ha ha. I bet you he is going through a growth spurt...he better not grow too much in the next 2 weeks...we're getting pics done on the 30th (first family pics since Desmond was born!!!) and the outfit he's going to wear is a nb size (he still fits into them) but he will have shorts on over the onesie so I guess I don't have to snap it if he gets too long.

Gah I'm so excited about the pics!

I'm just hoping it's not colic or anything. I would hate for him to have that. I figure maybe he's just so hungry or so tired he's just screaming. And when I gave him tummy time he was mad as hell! Lol. He's asleep now and so sweet. So many times when I look at him I just want to cry. Wish my hormones would go back!

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I could just be growing pains or a phase he's going through. I would think that by now colic would have reared it's ugly head full force. DD had colic and she basically screamed and cried for the first 3.5 months of her life. I learned about swaddling, white noise, swings, holding her with her tummy on my arm, all kids of stuff. And when she was asleep, you did NOT wake her up. I would absolutely take your head off if you woke her up! I was VERY vigilant. I was expecting some similar behavior out of Kole, but it never happened. He started STTN at about a month old and if he waked up it's only once. DD woke up every 2 hours until she was 6 months old.

Anyway, I hope it's a short lived phase and he's back to his happy, normal self soon.

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Sounds like he's started his 3 month growth spurt no? Poor little guy!