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Tyler sleeps horribly unless he's swaddled. About a month ago we had to buy a new saddle blanket because he was too big for the ones we had. Thankfully this one is big enough, but he's quickly out growing it....how long can you or should you swaddle a baby? I tried last weekend to put him to sleep without the swaddle, but he would only go for half hour increments. Needless to say, that was a HORRIBLE weekend.

Anyone else swaddling? Been through a child that liked swaddling? Any advice or suggestions?

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Cammi would only sleep swaddle. She grew out of the one she had and I didn't want to buy another one do I transitioned her to aero and play and at the same time, moved her to her crib. The first week was horrendous but I kept trying ( she also had gotten to big for her bassinet). Three weeks later she only wakes up once a night!

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DD2 was swaddled until she was about 8-10 months. She just slept better that way. I just used regular blankets and then afterwards she would end up unswaddled but she was so out of it she slept still.

I made a lot of swaddle blankets for Desmond that can be used when he's bigger if he wants. If you can find the time to make a few it might be worth it.

Here's the link:

Made By Marzipan

It actually if for a swaddle for the car seat, but I just didn't make the cuts in it to have straps come through. I also made them a little bigger than the pattern. Smile

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Wow, I haven't been on here in a loooong time! Anyhoo, Jack was a big swaddler. When we moved him from the bassinet to his crib, I decided to try ditching the swaddle the same night and see how it went. He did great! We use sleep sacks, so he's still very cozy. Perhaps try that? Good luck!

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DD loves to be swaddled to sleep, but can nearly roll from her back onto her tummy. I've read that she should be weaned from the swaddle so she doesn't get stuck on her tummy. We just ordered some transition blanket/pajama things that completely enclose the limbs, but allow freedom of movement. We'll see how it goes...

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We are still swaddling here. We swaddle at night and for naps during the day. We just moved up to the large size Swaddle Me's, and he seems to have plenty of room to grow in those.