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Is it possible??? Heidi keeps saying "Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmaaa" Do you think she could be trying to say Ma? or Mama? or just playing with new sounds??

Anyone's little one's saying any words yet?


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I really feel like Kole says mama sometimes. I know it's likely just my own wishful thinking and he's just babbling, but he blows rasberries and says a lot of bababab, dadada. He breaks out the mama when he's crying and/or hungry.

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Desmond will say "Mama" when he's really mad and wants me lol. That's about all. Although this evening it did sound like he tried to say Dada but that could just be wishful thinking.

I've heard of babies saying mama and dada around 5 months so I think it's possible. Smile

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babbling, other noises err sounds haha mamamamama
nothing directed or anything

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I try to be extra enthusiastic and echo "I'm mama!" when Bree babbles mamamama, but I doubt she has put it together yet.

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Its possible.
Archer says mama directed at me, other babbles when directed at anyone else. My DS2 was totally the same though he also said nana at this age which directly meant (and still does mean) nursing/milk.