Teething... already.

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Teething... already.

Lucas is teething. He's been teething pretty hardcore for about 4 days now. His bottom left tooth is so close to popping through that his gums feel jagged.

Anyone else dealing with this yet? My DD1 got his first 2 teeth at 18 weeks, and Lucas is 16 weeks today. I was hoping he wouldn't get them as early.

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Peyton is drooling and chewing on everything but we can't feel anything yet.

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DD1 was teething around 2 months and got her first 2 teeth at about 5 months. DD2 teethed FOREVER it felt lol. She didn't get her first two teeth until she was almost one. Des is drooling and chewing like crazy. Although I partly fear when he does teeth because he seems to like to chew on his tongue. When DH saw that he asked what he was chewing on because I swear it looked like he was chewing gum LOL.

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Cammi chews on her tongue too. And her fingers. And anyone else's fingers that are in front of her face. Lol. I can't feel anything yet but I know it's coming.

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My daughter had teeth at 3.5 months, so I was expecting teeth... but at over 4 months, no teeth yet! She is chewing, but I think that is more so age than teething, so who knows!! These two girls are SOOO different. I'm happy that she hasn't had any teeth come in yet though because the dentist told me that the longer the teeth stay under the gums, the stronger they are and my poor daughter has super weak teeth.


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We have white buds on her gums. She's been pretty cranky and chewing on everything too. I just hope they pop through soon.

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I hope we have a bit longer here on teething, I don't think I could handle a young teether Smile