There's Nothing Sweeter Than...

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There's Nothing Sweeter Than...

...your DH loving on you and rubbing your belly, then looking down and says "You've got some new stretchmarks, baby." and then proceeds to point them out and trace them with his finger.

Thanks babe! Lol.

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Awe. That totally sounds like something my DH would do. At least it was done affectionately. . . :dontknow:

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HAHA yeah... my poor DH was trained by his first wife to keep his mouth shut at all costs. Now he won't even answer my questions, if I ask ANY question about my appearance.

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gotta love 'em!

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LOL, well he started out in the right direction.

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LOL! My kids are nuts about my stretch marks. They check my belly daily to see if the new baby put his or her "marks" on me yet. They are so proud of their marks on my body! I find it totally weird but kind of makes me feel good about my pregnancy battle scars!

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I didn't think you could tell if I had gotten anymore because I got so many new ones with DD2, but nope DH managed to find new ones lol.

It's okay because they all match and blend together lol and it's not like I go around showing off my belly to people (other than my belly pics and DH and the girls seeing) lol!