Those three little words..

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Those three little words..

Umm So... I remember for over a year waiting/trying/wondering how to first tell Kevin the "I love you" words... and we both just couldnt say it first, and I remember that's all I thought about and how inlove I was and for some reason just seemed like I waited too long and cld NOT for the life of me say it.. and finally when it was said it was like I was on cloud 9!!

Well.. as of tonight I think I've found something better!! "Lets have another!"

I CANNOT believe it in a million years... I was mentioning to you girls the other night how he was hinting around that he would actually consider another.. Which is a BIG jump from the "we only need one there will NEVER be another child" that he used to recite...

So he's casually mentioned that yes, he would like another possibly sometime if it workedout, but usually a stipulation "after your done with school, after were married, after we get an suv, after I get registered" blahblah blah...

The last 4 days have been puzzling to me because of the little things he's mentioned... and tonight, he comes up and *ahem* acts a little frisky.. and questions if we could maybe have some alone time tonight.. and me.. being the little con that I am, say "oh did you get condoms?" (I love how I always ask him that yet we've never ever used one) anyhoo, he got a little annoyed and seemed offended and then he says something like "Oh lets just have a baby!"
I was :eek:
That he said it outloud. And then he said how he just wants his little girl and that he'd even do her hair pebble style (he always makes fun of girls and how they have little Pebble from flinstones ponytails on top of their heads) and then he went online and was looking @ the SUV I wanted and just started to talk names... He's gone crazy! But I figured I better take it while I can incase he changes his mind somehow haha!!

Sorry for the ramble- I have nobody else to share my joy with because I don't really want anyone to know if we're "trying"

Its funny because I just got a new job, and was going to not "try" for a few months just to avoid any awkwardness @ work, but since he is a willing participant now I figure i better go for it!!

Maybe this is why I haven't gotten PG so far, some reason fate or... whatever it maybe... made me wait until he was ready so we could actually "try" together..

Im excited!!!!

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Very cool! Always nice when they jump on board.

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Yay Cait!! I am glad that he finally admitted it outloud that he is ready for another. Now go jump on him before he has a chance to change his mind!!

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Haha! Told you! Somebody got bitten by the baby bug!! Wink

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Those are some sweet words! It sounds like things are lining up nicely for you. Now, go have some FUN!! Wink

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I tried to trick my Hubby the couple months before we actually officially tried, and didn't tell the full truth about O time, but as soon as DH said he was ready we got pregnant that same month. Hope that's how it goes for you and you get your BFP!!!