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thrush -updated

so I called my mw and she called in a prescription for me. I started Fri night and while Adam's mouth is getting better I am not :@ One side didn't really hurt and now it does, the first few min of feeding bring tears to my eyes and sit there and try for a few min before I even let him latch. I should have gone with my instinct to use gentian violet like last time (I was trying to avoid only b/c last time I was home alone with ds1 apart from nights when dh came home and I could sit on the couch all day basically topless with my stained boobs. Now I have ds and mil/bil are living with us.

This morning I noticed the one wasn't bothering as much to start with now has a nice cut on the side of the nip
I can't wear a shirt without a bra b/c the whole boob hurts and the rubbing kills

sorry all I do is vent haha

argh x2

first for having it again (had with ds1)

Second argh for not realizing sooner (even though I had it before)

last time I'd cry for the whole feed. This time I knew my nipples were sore/raw even to touch but i just thought it was b/c I had bad cracked to start with (even before delivery) and figured they were just healing. I knew that Adam had a white tongue but honestly I thought it was bm until today he was in the natural light and opened real wide and I saw spots on his cheeks and back of throat dang it!

I'm hoping to try natural remedies...thoughts? Thinking either diluted vinegar or baking soda (even before trying gentian violet which I used last time). Can't decide though if I should call mw since I'm trying natural or still double check with them. ds1 didn't have in his mouth so that part is a first for me

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We have it for the second time, I also had it with my other kids. I find the only thing that really works is gentian violet but other things have worked for other people. You should start taking probiotics. I hope it goes away soon. Your MW might have some other ideas but I find anything they suggest you can also just find on the Internet.

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First off, :bigarmhug:

I would call the MW just to give her a heads up and get her take on it. There may be some recommendations for treating with with him, since he obviously has it too.

I hope you get rid of it quickly!

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Oh no! I hope it goes away soon.

And I agree with Anna - call your MW.


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Fingers crossed, this is one that we've been able to avoid.

Hope you are both healthy soon!


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No experience with it here, but :bigarmhug:!!!

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I'm so sorry. Ouch.

Get on a daily probiotic asap. Im sure that is the reason I haven't had it this time at all. I use one from GNC that comes in a pill form & is sold as a 30 day supply. Gold box. Better and cheaper than the liquid forms I've tried.

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I've had several nursing issues, but never thrush.. Sad sorry I know it sounds miserable!

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