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Tips and Tricks?

Do you have any tips for waking up LO? Tyler is a major sleeper and I can't ever get him to wake up long enough to eat. He constantly falls asleep at the breast. I usually change his diaper, leave him undressed, and turn on the fan to make him cold, he HATES being cold. But, as soon as he starts nursing he falls asleep.

Any other advice?!?!

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The only other things I did was take a damp cloth and run in down their legs, arms and back or I would move their arms and legs just when they started to fall asleep and usually then they would start to nurse again. With both DS and DD2 I had to wake them up every 2-3 hrs to nurse and then feed formula, so they were never hungry and always sleepy, I hope you find something that works.

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I had a similar issue with DD. I was told to rub her under her chin to encourage the sucking motion. I've also heard rubbing the bottom of the foot can help too.

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I have used a few of the things suggested. Semi cold wash cloth, and rubbing his/her cheek while nursing usually seemed to work with Carter & Laryssa. I haven't tried wash cloths with Peyton yet but rubbing his cheek is working great!

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Desmond does the same thing!!! I'll be nursing him and he nurses for about 5-7 minutes and then he's asleep! But it always seems to be enough for him. But if he pulls away he gets squirted in the face (LOL!)

I kind of bounce him to try and wake him up. Then I'll change his diaper if he sleeps through that or just unwrap him from his swaddle. But if he gets too mad he won't latch.

When DH feeds him the bottle and starts to fall asleep and barely sucking, he takes the bottle away, changes him, and then gives him the bottle back when he's more awake. Also to keep him awake, DH continually kisses him and makes a big smacking noise (of course I'm not sure you're that flexible lol...I know I'm not!) DH also does a gentle squeeze on his nose just to irritate him a little to wake up enough to eat. He never does it hard because Desmond doesn't fuss or anything, he just wakes up.

I did find that Desmond prefers it when I stand and nurse! Lol, the other night DD2 woke up and I was feeding him so I walked into her room to see what she needed (her pillow and blanket fell to the ground and she couldn't find her security blanket) and Des was wide awake and nursing happily! Ha ha sadly, I don't have the strength and energy in the middle of the night to stand and nurse.

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Oh I forgot, at the hospital the nurse told me if he stops to try tapping under the chin. It worked in the hospital, but he doesn't respond to it anymore lol.

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I've also blown gently on baby's face, used a diaper change in the middle of a feeding to wake them up, mess with feet, turn bright lights on, etc.

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