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So, I've got a lot of goopy discharge. I don't remember this with DD. Is it normal? It's almost like ovulation CM.

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I'd say totally normal. Mine has increased as well.

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Sadly, it's one of the joys of pregnancy lol.

I've had such horrible discharge lately that it literally looks like someone is blowing their noise in my underwear! (I know, gross mental picture huh? Imagine how I feel discovering that lol)

I asked one of the nurses when I went to L&D at 28 weeks if that was normal (after she checked me a huge glob just came out, ew) and she said yes that was perfectly normal and that it could be parts of my mucus plug (I hear they can grow back throughout the pregnancy. Weird!)

The further along I get, the more frequent these globs come out. Yuck!

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Gotcha! Thanks you two. I honestly don't remember anything like this with my DD, so I didn't know if it was usual or not.

Glad to know it's normal Smile

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Yup...normal. I've been experiencing it as well. DH will hear me say "eew" in the bathroom and hell always respond, "I don't wanna know!" it's gross..yet another joy of pregnancy!

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There with you ladies too. Totally increasing the further I get as well.

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normal....I think discharge is a normal part and the difference between that and mucus plug is that the plug looks more like snot (sorry tmi haha)