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Tooth count

How many teeth does your LO have? How are they handling teething? What are you doing to help ease the pain?

Lucas has 1 tooth and is not dealing with teething very well. We are using Hylands teething tablets and gel, and tylenol on the really bad nights. He's sleeping like crap, he wakes up randomly screaming in the middle of the night. He's miserable all day... I would rather just buy him some baby dentures at this point.

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2 teeth here... bottom two. Up a couple of extra times on the nights when they came in about a month and a half ago, but not too much upset. Haven't used anything for the teeth, just a smidge of tylenol when she had a fever which happened at the same time as my other kids were sick, but could have been from the teeth. Hard to know with the little ones.

Hopefully the next tooth will come in soon for Lucas, and they you will get some long restful nights!!


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none but his gums seem "bumpier"

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Des got 2 teeth 2 weeks ago. We give him oral gel stuff and that helps SOME but not enough. He doesn't sleep well and I'm not sure if it's because of the teeth or not. I'm lucky if he sleeps 3 hours at once. I'm usually up every 1 1/2-2 hours with him at night.

I just want him to sleep lol.

But he has his bottom teeth. The first came in about 5 days before the other (around the 13th). It was like they were just suddenly there lol.

Hope all our LOs get relief soon from those teeth!

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And then there were three!! I was brushing Heidi's teeth tonight, and noticed that there is one that has just just broken through on the top!


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0 here. DD didn't get her first tooth till she was 1, so I'm not expecting it soon.

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2 bottom teeth here... she was a miserable butt for a couple of days (and nights) just before they popped through...

I've used homeopathic tablets, she has an amber necklace, and tylenol at bedtime, she also likes chewing on her cold thingies...

teeth were so easy for DS (until we got to the bigger ones), I guess I was hoping it would be the same for her... keep dreaming....