This is torture

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This is torture

I've had the flu all weekend and can't eat anything. I'm lucky to keep some fluids down when I can. My body is refusing food but my stomach gets so hungry it cramps and makes me nauseated. So today I was able to get a slice of toast in & keep it down. Yay. But it has given me the WORST heartburn ever! Ugh. Toast should not give you heartburn! So not fair. I would eat a pickle to make it better but I think this flu bug would mow me over if I tempted the pickle trick. Boo Sad

I don't think your body should be allowed to get sick while preg. Wouldn't that be the best?

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So sorry you have the flu - you can take up to 6000/Vitamin D3 a day and that should help a lot - make sure to check your multi first though to see how much is in that before you add the supplement. Hope you feel better soon!

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I hope you feel better soon! Sorry that your sick and I totally agree there should be a no sickness while pregnant rule Sad

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I hope you feel better. I have some sickies too, but nothing quite that awful.

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That definitely sounds like torture! I hope you recover quickly. Are you still having your pg symptoms that you talked about a week or so ago? If you are, I imagine that just compounds things. Not to mention you can't take ANYTHING while pg.

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Totally understand! My oldest and I had a REALLY nasty bug, including vomiting, 3 days before I went in to have my second daughter, and the uterus cramps every time getting sick. SOOOOOO miserable!

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You poor thing. I hope you get better soon. A lot of kids at school are getting sick with the flu, I really hope mine don't get it...or we all will get it. Fingers crossed! I agree, pregnant women shouldn't be able to get sick.